Fifth Estate # 61, Sept. 5-18, 1968

Fri. Sept. 6

DIALOGUE ’68. A festival of radical rock music for three nights. The UP, Billy C. and his Killer Blues Band, and the Psychedelic Stooges will play Prior to the performances

A SHOWING OF UNDERGROUND FILMS will be presented by the Detroit Repertory Theatre, at the first Unitarian Church, Forest and Cass. $2.50 per night or $6.00 for all three nights. Tickets may be purchased at Hudson’s, Grinnell’s, or at the church.

GRANDE BALLROOM. Uncle Russ presents in Detroit, B.B. King, along with the Underground Wall & the Jagged Edge. Groove to the groups, the trippy light show and even the hippy bullshit counter newly established by Barry Kramer and master salesman, Bob Stark. All this for only $3.50. But you must be 17 cause that’s the age limit. Grand River & Beverly.

PSYCHEDELIC music by The Dutch Tea (BMF & SYD) and the Plain Brown Wrapper at the Crows Nest East, 13 Mile & Harper.

DIRTY MOVIES or maybe just good freaky flicks for those of you who can dig the underground scene at the Detroit Repertory Theatre. 13193 Woodrow Wilson: Show times, 11 pm and 1 am.

FOLK DANCING at the International Institute: Anyone who enjoys dancing is invited. 8:30 pm. Kirby, between Woodward and John R.

Sat. Sept. 7

LAFAYETTE PARK ART FAIR: 10 am to 7 pm. Plenty of things to do and see. Cyril & Arnold Miles Films, Fashion Show by Paraphernalia, Mexican food and music: AND (get this) POTTERY demonstrations by live potters: (hope they don’t get busted) Flowers and Antiques. Fun for everyone in a really hip Scene. E. Lafayette-Rivard & Orleans.

OLD CARS. For those of you who dig old cars of all sorts or maybe have a contribution of your own to make, there will be an old car festival at Greenfield Village all day.

DIALOGUE ’68. Second night of this out of sight rock gig. This time it’s the INSANE Psychedelic Stooges, the Popcorn Blizzard, who are from Saginaw and the fantastic MC-5. $2.50 per night. First Unitarian Church, Forest and Cass.

B.B. KING continues at the Grande Ballroom with the Waxed Radish, and the Frost. $3.50 adm. You must be 17, Grand River & Beverly.

FREE MOVIES FOR KIDS & HEADS. Go get some little kids on your block, or just grab some kid in the neighborhood drugstore and come down to the DeRoy theatre at W.S.U. This week’s film is Make Mine Music and cartoons. 2 pm.

FREE DOG OBEDIENCE CLASSES. If you have a dog (or even a friend) who isn’t too obedient, send them down to the Humane Society Shelter, 7401 Chrysler Dr., 10-11am for only 13 weeks. The results will be amazing.

Sun. Sept. 8

FLEA MARKET along lower Woodward from 10:30 am-6:30pm. Plenty of junk to look at or buy, you can even try bargaining for an item you want but can’t afford.

LAFAYETTE PARK ART FAIR. 11 am-8 pm. This is the last day of the fair. Films, a fashion show, food, fun, art, music and even a pottery demonstration by live potters are just a few of the things happening. E. Lafayette-Rivard & Orleans.

OLD CAR FESTIVAL continues at Greenfield Village all day.

GRANDE BALLROOM, This No Age Limit bash from 7-11 pm has plenty of freaks with the Psychedelic Stooges and the Frost. B.B. King will also be there doing his thing. $3.50. Grand River & Beverly.

DIALOGUE ’68. Last night of this fantastic radical rock show. This time the music gets pretty heavy with the Weird Dude Employment Agency, Wilson Mower Pursuit & the famous MC-5. Plus, some films from the Underground Cinema. $2.50 per night. All three nights only $6.00. So you save money if you go all 3 nights. Get advance tickets at Hudson’s, Grinnell’s downtown & at the First Unitarian Church, Cass & Forest. Don’t miss it.

UP AGAINST THE WALL on WABX. 11-12 pm, 99.5 FM. Hosted by HARVEY Ovshinsky.

Wed. Sept. 11

ANTIQUES: Antique show and sale at the Artillery Armory on E. 8 Mile Rd. all day. Admission charge.

FLOWER SHOW from 2pm-9pm at Parks and Rec. building of the Southfield Civic Center, 26000 Evergreen Rd. Lots of flowers and probably old ladies since it’s sponsored by some ladies garden club. If you’re freaky looking, come down and blow their minds, but be careful, the PIG station is next to it.

Thurs. Sept. 12

ANTIQUE SHOW continues at the Artillery Armory on E. 8 Mile Rd. If you dig antiques many of them will be on sale most likely for outrageous prices though. Come down and see for yourself.

DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA will hold a concert at Ford Aud. 8:30pm.

Fri. Sept. 13

FREE CHEST X-RAYS for those of you concerned about your or your girlfriend’s chest abnormalities or if you’re just interested in knowing what kind of hippy disease you have, come to Grand River and Joy Rd. (near the famed Grande Ballroom) 12-7pm. You have to be 18.

ANTIQUE SHOW & SALE at the Artillery Armory on E. 8 Mile Rd.

THE NEW CHRISTY MINSTRELS in concert at the Cobo Hall arena. 8:15 pm.

UNDERGROUND CINEMA. Freaky films at the Detroit Repertory Theatre 13103 Woodrow Wilson, Shows 11 pm and 12 am.

THE PROCOL HARUM are back at the Grande Ballroom in concert, along with the Third Power and the Thunder. A totally trippy evening will be enjoyed by all freaks who attend. Only $3 adm. You must be 17. Grand River & Beverly.

Sat. Sept. 14

ANTIQUE SHOW AND SALE. Last day to visit the antique show at the Detroit Artillery Armory, on E. 8 Mile Rd.

ART SHOW & SALE from 11 am to 10 pm at the-Schaver Aud. 19161 Schaefer Hwy. near 7 Mile Rd. $1.

DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA in concert at Ford Aud. 8:30pm

GRANDE BALLROOM. Uncle Russ presents the Procol Harum, along with H.P. and the Grass Route Movement for your psychedelic enjoyment $3.50 adm. You must be 17.

FREE FILMS FOR KIDS AND HEADS: This week’s feature is Tom Thumb, a fantastic movie about a young revolutionist trying to survive a fascist government. Tom has plenty of exciting adventures anyways.-Bring little kids with or go kidnap someone for a few hours. Cartoons also. 2pm. Lower DeRoy theatre. W.S.U.

Sun. Sept. 15

JAZZ CONCERTS with O.C. Smith, Jimmie Smith & others. Masonic Temple. 8 pm.

UP AGAINST THE WALL on WABX. 11-12 pm. 99.5 FM; Hosted by HARVEY Ovshinsky.

JUNK, CLOTHES, & PEOPLE at the Flea Market along” lower Woodward, 10:30 am-6:30 pm.

ART SHOW & SALE at the Schaver Aud. 19161 Schaefer Hwy. 11 am-6 pm. $1 adm.

THE PROCOL HARUM from England do their thing along with Jeep’s group The TYHME in a no age limit gig from 7-11. $3.50 adm. But it’s really worth it because these 2 groups are out of sight and so is the light show. Grand River & Beverly.

Mon. Sept. 16

FREE CHEST X-RAYS. Discover what kind of sickness you’ve been carrying around with you. Grand River-Fenkell-Southtleld area in the A&P parking lot. 1-8 pm. You have to be 18.

Tues. Sept. 17

LAST CHANCE to get your Free Chest X-ray. This time the setup will be at Grand River & Oakman from 12-7 pm. See what kind of psychedelic garbage you have growing in your body.


DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA will be in concert at Ford Aud. 8:30 pm.


LIVING END has 2 Irishmen and 2 Scottishmen called the Celts. They sing, play instruments and tell jokes. 8225 John Lodge; You must be 21.

RAPA HOUSE. This coffee house specializes in Creole Food and good blues entertainment. 96 Fisher Freeway. Call Mrs. Rodgers, the owner at WO 1-9846 to find out who will be there.

RAVEN GALLERY has folk entertainer Charlie Latimer. Greenfield Rd. just north of 12 Mile Rd. Phone 353-1778 for more details.

CHESSMATE COFFEE HOUSE, Livernois & McNichols. Call 8621554 to find out who will be there because the manager isn’t quite sure yet.


UNDERGROUND CINEMA, Detroit Repertory Theatre. 13103 Woodrow Wilson Fri & Sat 11 pm & 1 am; Sun & Mon 7:30 & 9:30 pm shows.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Summit Theatre. Washington Blvd. & Lafayette.

INTERLUDE at the Studio 8 Theatre Greenfield just north of 8 Mile.

PETULIA at the Studio New Center, Grand Blvd. & Third.

ROSEMARY’S BABY at the Michigan Theatre.