Editors’ Notes


Fifth Estate # 61, Sept. 5-18, 1968

Quite a time these last few weeks. Most of our full-time staff went to Pig City and returned without injury or arrest. Still, just being there and seeing what happened to our brothers and sisters gave us a real shot in the arm in terms of our commitment to change this society. We want people in control of their own lives instead of pigs.

This paper is not coming out late. We publish on the first and third Thursday of each month and the last issue came out August 15. and this one September 4. That is almost three weeks between, but it is according to schedule.

Those of you who saw the Detroit Free Press story on the rally protesting the events in Chicago that described me (Werbe) as a “pacifist leader” carrying a “black flag of mourning” should be advised that I am neither a pacifist nor a leader and a black flag is an anarchist flag, so dig it, Free Press.

This month’s back page calendar was done by poster artist Carl Lundgren who is back on the Detroit scene as people who get Grande Ballroom postcards know.

Are people digging the calendars and making use of them? Let us know if we should keep running them. The idea behind the concept is to have contemporary art available for hanging at almost no cost.

Distribution went much better this issue in the Detroit area. We also distributed about 800 free copies to the brothers and sisters in Chicago.

We finally opened up Northland Shopping Center as a place to sell, but not without cost. Salesman Marty Geer was arrested and charged with assaulting a Northland rent-a-pig during a hassle over our right to sell out there. We want to open up Eastland, and the other shopping centers and need some pioneers. We believe we have the law on our side, so we will give people that are hassled every possible protection, including extra-legal.

Blallen (Bill Allen), Fifth Estate staff freak and Rick London, your lead story author, were guests of Jerry Goodwin on his Saturday evening WKNR radio experience. We were able to ‘get it on” and groove at length concerning both the Chicago carnage and the Detroit underground. Hope you dug it, but if you didn’t more should be in the works.