The Diary of Pun Plamondon


Fifth Estate # 61, Sept. 5-18, 1968

Each step in a revolutionary’s development is a result of a definite experience. The role of a revolutionary is forced on the man, the man who knows the truth and can do nothing but live it. Gaining this truth is the hardest part of the development, the continual struggle for truth; the truth may come early or late in life or it may never come at all, but until it comes the man struggles, he struggles with his fellow man, but most of all he struggles with himself, and he never seems to know why he always loses.

But then the truth comes! It may or may not be a blinding flash, but none the less it is there, once he has it he can’t get away from it, if he is truthful with himself he doesn’t want to. With the truth comes love, a new love for mankind, a new love for the man himself, a new love for the universe; with this love comes understanding, since it is impossible to love something we don’t understand. With the understanding he has he sees what must be changed, and motivated by love he decided to change it. But there are those who run the planet who will not accept this change, there are those who have not, will not, and can not know the Truth. They have no love, they will try to deny others the love of Truth. But the New Man will not be stopped! He has “been to the mountain” and has seen the truth and he must live it. By his living he shows others the truth, they in turn find the love and understanding which they give to others and still others until the change starts to take place and greed heads can’t stand this change, they can’t tolerate it, if they don’t take action fast their empire will crumble, it is already starting to split at the seams. Word falling/photo falling/breakthrough in the grey room. They must act fast, call out the brain police, Time and Post magazine, NBC, CBS, still they can’t stop it. Call out the brain rapers, the ad men, Pepsi, GTO, Playtex, still the Truth spreads: property is theft, ownership is theft, give it up, give it all up, be free. It’s an avalanche, they can’t stop it. “Only one thing to do boss, mow the mutherfuckers down.” But where ever one falls, ten takes his place, in the time it takes to roll a joint the country is covered with free freeks, people who don’t know anything about Ban Roll-on or Polaroid Swinger, Breck hair coloring. People who know about love and fucking and eating pussy and smoking dope and printing newspapers, making records, making poetry, making revolution, making love, making revolution, making love, it’s all the same brother, it’s all the same.

Pun Plamondon
Grand Traverse County Jail
July, 1968

Editors’ note: Pun remains in jail in lieu of $20,000 ransom (bond) on a phony marijuana charge.