The Diary of Pun Plamondon


Fifth Estate # 62, Sept. 19-Oct. 2, 1968

“Let the politicos with their deals, their puerile ambitions, their desperate greed, their advance division of the spoils, not meddle with the revolutionary process. Let the hack politicians become revolutionaries if they will! But let them not transform the Revolution into degenerate politics, because too much of our peoples blood is being spilled today, and too many enormous sacrifices have been made to deserve such a worthless deception tomorrow.”
—Fidel Castro

Capitalism thrives on the rank afterbirth of the politicians, their stale compromise, rancid lies. Politicians will promise us minor change to pacify the “liberals,” minor change to perpetuate the system. To the politician the system must go on, to the revolutionary the system must be destroyed. Capitalism and greed must be eliminated; it is under capitalism that one man feeds off of many, one man gets rich with the work of many, capitalism puts man against man.

“The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast, the slow one now, will later be fast, the present now, will later be past, for the times, they are a-changin’.” We know who said that, and we know what he meant; we must beware of the traps set by the “liberals,” the bullshit republicans. Who are they trying to shit!? We have to draw the line; what are we going to do? “Drop out or cop out.” “All politics is pigshit!” Change within the system ain’t worth a pound of mule mucus; the whole damn system has to be destroyed.

Trying to write an article on something as obvious as politics and capitalism is ridiculous; if we don’t see it, no article or any amount of articles will make us see it. But perhaps these few sentences, added to a few previous sentences, added to a few later sentences plus facts that we see with our own eyes; slaughter in the streets by the pigs, people starving in the ghettoes, lies by politicians carried by the media; all these things should show us the reality of our country and the world; they should give us a new awakening. A new consciousness. Those of us who don’t see this reality are doomed to be destroyed with the old system.

We do what we do, not what we think we do, there are those who say they are against the war in Vietnam, yet they work at Ford or G.M., pay taxes, and in short keep alive the system that makes that war possible and necessary for the growth of capitalism. We say what we say, not what we think we say. There are those who say they are against the way this country is run, yet they will cast their vote for Humphrey or Nixon, thus insuring the continuation of capitalism and greed. Our roots will take hold in the blood spilled by our brothers and later by ourselves; for this reason, if for no other, we must not let our ideals be raped by politicians.

“The North American people themselves, are becoming conscious of the fact that the monstrous political superstructure which prevails in their country is no longer the idyllic, bourgeois republic established by its founders almost 200 years ago.”
—Fidel Castro

Ann Arbor revolutionary Pun Plamondon was finally released on $4,000 bond last week after spending 80 days in the Grand Traverse County jail in lieu of $20,000 bond on a phony marijuana charge.

Pun was arrested June 17th at the Trans-Love Energies center in Ann Arbor and taken by plane to Traverse City, where he was charged with “dispensing marijuana without a license” and remanded to the county jail.