GI Busted in Demo


Fifth Estate # 63, October 3-16, 1968

NEW ORLEANS, La., Sept. 12, The Word/LNS—A Fort Polk soldier was busted here, during his participation in a peaceful protest demonstration against Governor Wallace.

The soldier, Private Michael Borne, of Chalmette, La., approached the marchers and asked the nature of the demonstration. He was told, and invited to join which he did. He marched approximately five minutes, amidst cat-calls, and jeers from Legionaire hecklers.

Borne, who was in uniform, was then called from the line by a uniformed Marine. The Marine checked Borne’s I.D. and ordered him inside the convention hall. Ten minutes later, a squad of M.P.’s arrived and led him away, accompanied by cries of “Hang the Bastard!” and “Cut off his commie nuts!” from the Legion.

As of this writing, it is understood that Borne was not arrested for participating in the protest, but for “failure to salute an officer.”