Fifth Estate # 64, October 17-30, 1968

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On August 2, Denny Dunn and Carlson Tuttle were arrested in an anti-Humphrey demonstration at Cobo Hall. Later in the evening a bail fund was collected in hopes that we could get enough money to get our brothers out of jail. We collected $206.00. As it turned out the bail was set at $1,000:00 each, so we had to pay a bondsman the $200.00.

Yipfugs is now trying to find out who needs their money back and who doesn’t, so that we can return some money to those who need it. You could help immensely by identifying the addresses and telephone numbers of as many of the following people as possible. Send this information to the address below.

Dan Hodak
Cheryl Cramer
Art Baker
Jeff Krieger
Steve Check
Chuck Williams
Mark Guthers
Steve Wallis
Tony Zineski
Mike Howarko
Funcher Karlene

Ivana Gottfried Finances & Defense Fund, YPFJ, 2109 Elmhurst, Royal Oak, MI 48073

Dear Editors.

Upon the reading of your last two issues, I believe that it’s about time that someone writes in defense of John Sinclair’s column.

I feel that a great injustice has been done to Mr. Sinclair in the recent letters you’ve published.

I know that there are hundreds of people who dig the MC-5 and Sinclair’s column that really lets them know of all the recent developments in the Detroit-Ann Arbor rock scene.

A word of advice to your readers who dislike “Rock and Roll Dope”—Why don’t you just skip it, and turn on your AM radios and blow your minds to the 1910 Fruit Gum Co.

Che lives.

Mike Bolan

Dear Sirs:

I’m very happy that I wrote the letter criticizing John Sinclair because his defense is beautiful and exactly what I knew it would be: very electric. Ah, sweet, sweet vibrations they are indeed.

Now the person I’m really down on is Pun Plamondon whose diary I read in the Fifth Estate. I admire the militance, but not the hostility. And I don’t think the two go hand-in-hand.

John Sinclair definitely is entertaining and I’m hip he’s engaged in revolutionary activity and he reports. I am trying to report somewhat, too. So he’ll know the criticism was not ill-intentioned.

Cella Alderson

Esteemed Good Vibrationists!

As a cosmological dropout, I’ve been wandering around the universe since time immemorial. At a certain durational sequence of my wanderings I encountered your battered earth.

I was terribly disappointed to find some 3 billion inhabitants grouped in an archaic system of “countries” of various shapes. I was disappointed to find the fascist form of government predominating and to see the people (especially minorities) being oppressed.

But on closer scrutiny, I observed that the young people all over this earth, are getting ready to right these wrongs and this movement is represented in the U.S. by the so called “underground” and its numerous sympathizers.

As a fellow dropout, I want you to know that the whole Universe supports the cause of the peace and truth loving, good vibrationist freaks from the world underground.

Let those uptight fascists feel the pinch of humanitarian radicalism, let them be once again buried into the forgotten annals of history, and let love and truth walk ahead unhindered by the veils of ignorance and superstition.

Suny Skyscrewer
Constellation X

To the Editor:

Out. Right out of commission is where I’m gonna put you bunch of hokeys.

You and your asinine ideas on social consciousness, humanities’ welfare and the entire bag. The masses are asses, and not even worth worrying about.

But what really hits me is you guys are serious about communizing everything, harmonizing everything, and still think you know what the result will be.

I’ll tell you what the result will be. Everybody will be one big mindless, boring mass of duds, all alike, nobody having more or less than the next guy.

Pick up a copy of Ayn Rand’s Anthem or Atlas Shrugged: can you dig it? Refute what she says?? YOU CAN’T…

People like you and your groups, if allowed to continue, would be the death blow to the entire human race which you’re so concerned about. But, we’re not going to let you continue. And if we have to, we’ll destroy you.

A.M. Holton

Editors’ note: You can hold on to your elitist theories as long as you please, but don’t start wuffin’ on us about what you are going to do to us.

We reserve the right to respond to any attack made on us. If we are attacked culturally we will respond culturally: if we are attacked legally, we will respond legally; and if we are attacked violently, we will respond violently.

So, go back to reading Ayn Rand’s drivel and leave the Fifth Estate to the big kids. For a refutation of her Aristotelian bullshit read Hegel.

Dear Fifth Estate,

I must protest the latest issue (Sept. 19-Oct. 2) of your paper. This guy (editor: Huey Newton) has been convicted of murder, not of a cop, or a pig, but of a human. Yet you preach his release.

I am calling for law and order!

This Black Power stands for Black Rule, do you want this? I hope you see fit to retract this anarchy before it’s too late.

Love and Peace,

Paul John Salenger

Editors’ note: Dear Paul: It’s difficult for us to see how you can reconcile your call for law and order and saying “black power stands for black rule” with putting Love and Peace at the end of your letter.

Huey Newton was not convicted of murder, but of manslaughter, which has a minimum penalty in California of one year in prison, but that is not the issue. We contend that Huey killed no one and that he is a political prisoner. That is why we ask for his release.

Dick Gregory has said that “law and order” is another way of saying “nigger” and we agree with him. You can’t just have peace and love for white people. Nowhere in the Panther program do they call for black rule of whites: they simply want black political and economic control of black areas. Christ, even Richard Nixon agrees with that.