Pres. Dave Busted


Fifth Estate # 64, October 17-30, 1968

The cops and the Feds are sure Dave Valler is behind the Detroit bombings. They’ve told that to The Detroit News and they have constantly tailed Dave (see last issue).

Their only problem is that they have no evidence to directly connect him with the dynamitings. But leave it to the ever ingenious pigs to get their man.

Apparently, the Feds were not only tailing Dave, but taking advantage of his trade—dope dealing. Over a period of weeks, Dave sold to six different federal undercover agents—they weren’t taking any chances on a conviction.

On Oct. 5 Valler was visiting the home of a friend on the Northwest side when ten narcs came crashing through the front and back doors with a warrant for Dave’s arrest.

Although the home belonged to one of Valler’s friends’ mother the pigs proceeded to rip the premises apart in a vain search for “narcotics.” The three were finally taken to jail and Valler was booked with bond set the next morning at $25,000! Valler is currently awaiting trial on a sales and possession charge. The other two were released the next morning without charges.

However, as Rap Brown once said of a bond of a similar figure set on him, “That’s not a bond. that’s a ransom.” It is clear that the high bond is to keep Dave off the streets in hopes that this will stop the rash of bombings. Good luck.

The next afternoon this paper received a phone call from a person who identified himself as Joshua Newton, the mad bomber. He said, “The pigs will pay for this attack on Valler” and hung up.

That same evening a car was dynamited in the parking lot of a Macomb County shopping center.


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