Beatle Squashed


Fifth Estate # 65, October 31-November 13, 1968

LONDON (LNS)—Beatle John Lennon and his girlfriend, avant-garde filmmaker Yoko Ono, were busted in London recently for possession of marijuana. The pair were arrested when police raided Lennon’s fashionable apartment at Montague Square in the Marylebone district of the city. Both were charged with illegal possession of drugs and released on bail of 200 pounds each (the equivalent of $480) pending a court appearance November 28. [Editors’ note: Come the revolution there ain’t gonna be no more pot laws. How’s that for a “plan,” John baby?]

A new record by Lennon and Miss Ono on the Beatles’ Apple label has also run into trouble in London. The record, entitled “The Two Virgins,” has been refused advertising space in music trade magazines and the Beatles are experiencing difficulty distributing it. On the front cover of the album is a picture of Lennon and Yoko in the nude facing the camera and on the other side they turn their backs on the camera, still nude. The rear view was to be used in the ads. The music on the LP is from a new movie, not yet released, in which the pair appears.