Cleaver Denied U.S. Passport


Fifth Estate # 96, January 8-21, 1970

ALGIERS, Algeria (LNS)—Eldridge Cleaver, Black Panther Party Minister of Information, has had his request for a U.S. passport denied.

Armed Assault on Anti-war GIs


Fifth Estate # 105, May 14-27, 1970

OCEANSIDE, Cal. (LNS)—A little after mid-night on April 29 about 25 active duty Marines from Camp Pendleton and civilian GI organizers were gathered in the staff house of the Movement for a Democratic Military (MDM) here. They talked in small …

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More Say No to Draft


Fifth Estate # 79, May 15-28, 1969

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LNS)—In spite of government repression, draft resistance continues to increase. There are nearly twice as many draft cases in Federal courts as there were a year ago. If the same rate of prosecuting holds true for the next …

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Do It in the Road


Fifth Estate # 79, May 15-28, 1969

MADISON, Wisc. (LNS)—Students and non-students in the University of Wisconsin community, responding to publicity which asked “Why don’t you do it in the road?”, found out why when they turned up for a block party on Saturday, May 3.

Al Capp Meets the D.A.R.


Fifth Estate # 78, May 1-14, 1969

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LNS)—Al Capp rapped pretty heavily to the 78th Continental Congress of the Daughters of the American Revolution. He came down, in his cornpone style, on SDS, Joan Baez, (“phonie Joanie,” he calls her), and welfare, and treated the …

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Morrison “Slips”


Fifth Estate # 76, April 3-16, 1969

MIAMI (LNS)—Jim Morrison, erotic magician and lead singer for the Doors, is in big trouble in Florida.

Army Ahead


Fifth Estate # 75, March 20-April 2, 1969

NEW YORK (LNS)—The Army is beginning to worry that too many “heads” are fighting the war in Vietnam. The Pentagon released figures recently on the suspected use of “drugs” in the armed forces. Drug use in the military is on …

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Senators Say No


Fifth Estate # 74, March 5-19, 1969

SEATTLE (LNS)—Ernest Gruening, Former U.S. Senator from Alaska, has called on America’s youth to resist the draft and go to jail, according to a UPI report. “I want to see thousands of young nen refuse to go—until they have so …

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Students Join Workers


Fifth Estate # 73, February 20-March 5, 1969

RICHMOND, Calif. (LNS)—Workers and students here fought together Feb. 3 to repel scab attempts to break picket lines during a strike against Standard Oil Refinery.

Police Power


Fifth Estate # 73, February 20-March 5, 1969

NEW YORK (LNS)—New York cops are guilty of a regular pattern of arbitrary arrest, physical abuse and courtroom perjury, according to a two-year study recently completed under the auspices of the New York Civil Liberties Union. The study was conducted …

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