Fifth Estate # 65, October 31-November 13, 1968

To the Editors:

Shit, man! I despise philosophical cretins like letter writer A.M. Holton [Letters, FE #64, October 17-30, 1968]. His archaic mind nurtures an imagination that’s 2,000 years behind the times. No wonder he got all shook up after reading Ayn Rand’s bullshit concerning the “mindless masses.” His idiotic outcry against us, reflects his despair at the thought of being a mediocrity. He says he’ll destroy us! There is no need to destroy him, cause he’s a self-destructive motherfucker.

Mr. Holton forgot about science in general, and biochemistry in particular, when he wrote his letter. He forgot that research is being done right now, and that already there are indications of 2 breakthroughs. I’m talking about the drug “deaner” which can stimulate the thinking process and strengthen the memory. Next in line will be the drug that will be able to develop a brainstorm in any rumdum’s head, and instantly make a genius out of him. Compared to such a man of the near future, Mr. Holton is like a flunked out first grader.

We don’t need Hegel to refute Mr. Holton. Hegel’s speculations are obscured by his inscrutable technical language, and his inexcusable aloofness. Instead, I suggest Nietsche’s mind blowing “overman” concept, which gives us a fantastic model for the man of the future.

Meanwhile, we have to fight with all our intellectual powers, the evils of mass ignorance and superstition, and with all our physical powers, the veils of restrictive institutionalization.

Our socio-philosophical struggle will pave the way to the next evolutionary stage of the human race; the overman. You dig?

Stare Thinbush


On Oct. 10 Detroit Metro Airport was overrun by a wild uncontrolled mob of about forty thousand people who were hoping to meet the victorious Detroit Tigers returning from St. Louis. In demonstrating their feelings, these people ran amuck through the airport, broke through gates and barriers, ran out onto the runways, and eventually forced planes to be re-routed and the airport closed down.

Did the police try to control the crowd? Did they attempt to control these demonstrations, and prevent disorder and property damage? Hardly. Indeed, the disorder was so extreme that the police would have been quite justified in using mace, tear gas and billy clubs to restore order.

Certainly a crowd of forty thousand peace demonstrators would be massacred by the police if they attempted to behave this way at an airport or if they came anywhere near to closing it down.

I was curious why the police permitted the chaos to reign, given their usual mania for order and the supposed importance of mob control. I called the Sheriff’s airport division, and a Lt. Kovacs explained to me that gas and clubs were not used because “these were a different kind of people, these were sports fans.”

My suspicions are now confirmed. The police actually have little interest in preserving order per se. Their handling of a mob does not depend on what the mob is actually doing—it depends on the “kind of people” the police feel compose it.

Richard Sharvy,
Assistant Professor, W.S.U.

To the Editor:

Well, as the majority of the nation is transfixed on such things as baseball, etc. I’m sure if the war stopped, many people might not even take notice of such a situation. Our “leaders” being what they are, it doesn’t look like the war will stop.

However, a solution that might meet with everyone’s approval would be to hold a baseball game between the opposing forces and let that settle it. I bet the pentagon never thought of that one.

E. Coleman

To the Editor.

When the Beatles warn us against cooperation with “people with minds that hate” they give good advice, and express a point of view which I think is dear to the hearts of most of the Freek Community.

It is ridiculous to attack the Beatles for having money, and to insinuate that because they have made it rich they are now part of the reactionary establishment. They got their money not through exploitation but through the creation of music which has pleased the ears of millions.

They have clearly demonstrated through that music a tender love for all humanity and to attack them for lack of enthusiasm for “Chairman Mao” and “destruction” IS to illustrate the very point they are making, that no socio-economic theorizing, however acute, is a substitute for plain old love.

Surely the despicable behavior of the Chinese in Tibet and the Russians in Czechoslovakia is proof of that.

It is important for the enemies of oppression to remember that the root causes of oppression are greed, pride, and metaphysical ignorance, which are closely associated with the capitalist system but by no means restricted to capitalists. The best cure is massive doses of LSD. It is worthy of note that dope smokers are persecuted even in Castro’s Cuba.

Certainly I do not feel betrayed by the Beatles. The role of the betrayer is better cast on those who would harness the love energies of the hip revolution to the superficial world view of Marxist ideology.

I am entirely sympathetic to social revolution, and I hope that when it comes to US it will not be burdened with a narrow dogmatism.

By the Hand of He that Lives

Fifth Estate:

I would like to cancel my subscription to your newspaper.

I really dig your paper, but my parents detest it as all straight people do, not being able to take the truth and those nasty (?) four letter words.

I got beaten up for receiving your last issue. I would appreciate it if you could cancel it immediately. (I can’t stand bruises.)

Good luck to the GREAT Fifth Estate.

Name Withheld

To the Editor.

Emil Becilla’s attention to film activity in Detroit is certainly a strong plus for the Fifth Estate.

I was especially struck by his positive reaction to the weird personal film shown a few weeks ago at the Underground Films of the Detroit Repertory Theatre. It was about a female guru (what is the feminine form of guru?) who rapped and rapped. It was strangely fascinating—not slick at all, and very groovy.

But I’m bothered by one thing that Emil said. I don’t agree that the Detroit Repertory Theatre has changed to a less “broad” programming. If “broad” means showing a wide variety of personal film creations then the DRT is getting better not worse.

Take last weekend for example, when I read Emil’s review during the intermission of Sunday evening’s showing (the Fifth Estate is sold in the DRT’s lounge or lobby or whatever it’s called).

The first, quite long, film was very direct, showing two Black teenage girls in their daily lives. An amazingly strong film that gave this Whitey some feeling of the life fabric of these restless kids. The second film was a brief mind-blower with fast paced animation techniques hitting on old L.B.J. Then during intermission I dug the Fifth Estate which, incidentally, seems to be coming alive since the Chicago Pig Riot.

After the break there were four more films: a bit of work in progress about Kustom Kars by Kenneth Anger, a clip from an old W.C. Fields feature, a most insane chase sequence that I’ve seen a couple dozen times and never fail to groove, a brand new work by William Hindle with mind blasting technique that seemed to grow out of still photography, and the Poontang Trilogy, unpretentious but valid personal work with a lot of skin by Ben VanMeter. Pretty “broad” and varied I’d say.

One more word. I’m proposing to the DRT that they add an underground newsreel thing to the program, with super 8 mm or 16 mm filming of the underground world, a sort of filmic Fifth Estate. Your readers could help get this going by calling up the DRT (868-1347) and encouraging them.

Up with the Underground,

Donald Jobes
Highland Park

Dear Sir.

Please cancel the Subscription to your paper. We don’t want the paper to come to this address anymore as it’s the filthiest paper in print. How it started to come to this house, we expect to find out.

Mrs. H. Prefountain


What are you trying to do? Hang me? Dealing is not my “trade” as you stated in the Fifth Estate. Improving society & government is my trade. I can imagine the jury being presented the Fifth Estate article during my trial.

I haven’t sold to 6 federal narcs. The cases pending against me are both frame-ups. If I get out on bond I’ll explain it to you. My bond has been lowered to $10,000, which is about twice the average person’s annual wage. if you know of any way of getting it lowered to about $1,000 please let me know. I have to get out to get in touch with witnesses for my defense. Otherwise, I’m fugged.


Ward 411
Wayne County Jail
Gestapo City, Michigan

Editors’ Note: Dear David: Please believe that our intent wasn’t to jam you up tighter than you are. We should have put the word “alleged” in front of what you are charged with. We got our information from outside sources and have no knowledge of you having committed criminal acts at any time.

Please write us how we can help you put your attorney in touch with witnesses.