Want to Learn to Draw?


Fifth Estate # 65, October 31-November 13, 1968

“Sooner or later in each historic epoch, as objective conditions ripen, consciousness is acquired, organization achieved, leadership arises, and revolution is produced. Whether this takes place peacefully or comes to the world after painful labor does not depend on the revolutionaries; it depends on the reactionary forces of the old society: it depends on their resistance against allowing the new society to be born, a society produced by the contradictions of the old society.”

—Second Declaration of Havana

Sooner or later, sooner or later, well let me tell you Brother, it better be sooner ’cause if it ain’t we’re all gonna get shot! That’s right, that’s right shot!! Shot by the pigs! By the same pigs that bashed our heads in Washington, by the very same pigs that bashed our heads in Chicago. That’s right shot dead by the pigs.

The pigs hate you, US. Yes they do, they hate us enough to bash our heads and they hate us enough to shoot us. They will, they will. The pigs hate us, they hate people who want freedom, they hate our Black Brothers who want freedom and they hate the White Brother who wants freedom. They been shootin’ our Black Brothers who fight for freedom and they’ll shoot our White Brothers who fight for freedom, yes they will. But our Black Brothers got a plan. They got the Black Panthers. They got the Black Panthers to defend themselves against the pigs.

Our Black Brothers been getting shot and beat a lot longer than we have, and they got this plan, and they use it, and it works. We will endorse their plan, yes we will. The only revolutionary activity going on in this country now is being done by the Black Panthers, Yippies, and Motherfuckers. Every Yippie and Motherfucker should have a gun! Yes they should, a big GUN! A shot gun! You may not feel like using it now but you will, you will. You’ll need a gun to survive, you’ll need a gun to stop the pigs. They’re crazy!

So get a gun Brother, learn how to use it, you’ll need it, pretty soon. Pretty soon. You’re a White Panther, act like one. Support the Black Panthers, they are the vanguard of the revolution!

“When the forces of oppression come to maintain themselves in Power against established law, peace is considered already broken.”