Pictures of Chairman Mao


Fifth Estate # 67, November 28-December 11, 1968

George Wallace stood up and said all the magic words, “Dope Fiend, Outlaw, Pervert, Cuba, Masses, Red, Mao, Free, Fidel, Workers, Black, White!” These are magic words in America. These arc the words that make white America go to its knees in fear George Wallace got 9 million votes, 9 million honkies are behind George.

Wallace said all the words that white America has been taught to hate and to fear. These words touch hidden switches which trigger rear and hate in counter-revolutionaries. But the words arc magic to us!

Outlaws have no respect for “private property,” revolutionaries realize there is no “private property.” Revolutionaries are by definition “outlaws.” In China the revolutionaries were called National Bandits.

China! Say the name and America shits! Why? Because the Chinese are some of the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. Because young revolutionaries, Red Guards, travel across China in packs, in buses, trains, smashing EVERYTHING that is bourgeoisie. Going into “private dwellings,” factories, making the people be revolutionary. No uncle toms in China, no honkies. In China they get wasted.

Mao, that holy man of the East, inviting millions of Red Guards to Peking to “discuss revolutionary experiences!” Can you imagine Johnson or Nixon doing the same thing? They’d get tom limb from limb! Instead Johnson gets on the tube and pleads with the youth of America not to tear this motherfucker down. While Mao tells the youth of China “Rip the son of a hitch up if it isn’t revolutionary!”

Fidel and Cuba! How this country hates Fidel and Cuba and the example they gave the youth of the Third World! Fidel and his brothers were just our age when they were fighting in the mountains for the liberation of Cuba. Just our age!

We are on the frontier tit the Third World! We must develop revolutionary youth to be worthy of the Third World Revolutionary youth, as in China, with “leadership” like Mao, Che, Fidel the “leaders” will come from the people. The “leaders” can be killed, but the struggle is with the people, and leaders come from the people so it’s endless.

The White Panthers take as their heroes those that we were told to hate and fear. Eldridge Cleaver, Rap Brown, Fidel, Mao, the Red Guard are our brothers. The Black Panthers are our Brothers! We will join with them in liberating the planet.


Pun Plamondon
Minister of Defense
White Panther Party