Cleaver Flees Pigs


Fifth Estate # 68, December 12-25, 1968

Where is Eldridge Cleaver, Minister of Information of the Black Panther Party?

Every pig from Oakland, California to New York City is looking for him since he failed to turn himself in for parole violation on November 25th.

Like Spartacus or Zapata he is rumored to be everywhere. Word has reached this office that he was in Detroit, but most think that he has left the country and will wind up in Cuba or is living underground in an urban ghetto.

Cleaver was ordered back to prison to finish a 13-year term for assault after the Oakland, California police attacked him and other Panthers last April. In the shoot-out, one Panther, Bobby Hutton, was shot and killed by the police as he attempted to surrender.

The Panthers have been the object of growing repression from one end of the country to the other.

In Newark, N.J., in what appeared to be a scene from “The Battle of Algiers,” Panther headquarters was bombed by two white men injuring four persons inside. This followed almost immediately the machine-gunning of a police precinct house where several Panthers had just been arrested.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, three Panthers are under $45,000 bond on charges of conspiracy to steal arms and assassinate the police chief of that city. A police undercover agent made the charges.