Editors’ Notes


Fifth Estate # 68, December 12-25, 1968

Nothing much to report or rap about; so just a few brief notes.

Our abortive record deal with ESP records is still fouled. We wrote the record company in New York and asked if they could mail the bonus records to our new subscribers, but they have not answered to date.

A few people have come into our office to pick up their albums, but the majority of them remain here in the office confronting us accusingly. If you live in the Detroit area please come and get your record or if you live a distance away write us a note and we will send it to you.

Although creep scenes are still abounding with the “authorities” trying to wipe us out we are still selling all of our papers.

A girl wrote us from Britten, Mich and told us that she had been caught selling papers to Adrian College students and got busted by her high school principal and a local pig.

They told her that the city attorney felt he could convict her of selling in every garage is our motto.

The Hyperbole boutique in downtown Detroit was forced to stop handling the paper after too many of its “mod” customers complained to the owner.

We need more salesmen to get the paper out. If you can help, come down to our office and pick up a load. The pigs will hate you, but well love you.

SDS Meets

Students for a Democratic Society, largest radical youth group and biggest troublemakers in the country, will hold their quarterly National Council meeting in Ann Arbor, Dec. 26 to Jan. 1.

The first three days will be devoted to educational meetings, workshops, and raps. Topics covered will be racism, class perspectives on organizing, international perspectives, and the economy and imperialism. Plans will be made for SDS’ Week of Solidarity with the Cuban people.