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Fifth Estate # 68, December 12-25, 1968

Fri. Dec. 13

GRANDE BALLROOM: Deep Purple, Lee Michaels, and the Candel w1 headline the super psychedelic floor show. Groove to the bands, magic Jerry’s light show and visit the hippy bullshit counter. $3.50.

LIVING THEATER presents “Antigone,” at the Detroit Institute of Arts Audit. 8:30 pm. $4.50 and $3.50.

SOMETHING DIFFERENT presents Dharma and the H.P. Movement. 28875 Franklin in Southfield—for those of you out suburbia way who don’t want to hassle driving miles to the big city.

PLEASE DON’T SNEEZE, a funny children’s play for anyone, presented by the University Players, Essex Hall Theater, University of Windsor, Canada. 7:15 pm.

UNDERGROUND FLICS at the Detroit Repertory Theater. This weekend’s trip-flics include: Digger, Coming Soon, Claude, Neighbors, Fireworks, and many more. Showtimes at 11 pm and 1 am.

WSU HILBERRY CLASSIC THEATER presents “A Flea in Her Ear,” 8:30 pm.

ART SALE/SHOW. Annual Christmas sale of student work, paintings, graphics, sculpture, weaving, ceramics, and jewelry at the Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Sat. Dec. 14

BONSTELLE THEATER presents “Hansel and Gretel,” for kids and heads. Special Saturday matinee. 1:30 pm. Woodward near Peterboro.

GRANDE BALLROOM presents Deep Purple who continue to spread good vibs along with the help of Lee Michaels, and the Target. You must be 17. $3.50.

SRC at the Silver Bell Nightclub, 4385 Bald Mountain, northeast of Pontiac.

WSU HILBERRY CLASSIC THEATER: “An Italian Straw Hat,” by Eugene Labiche and Marc Michel, 8:30 pm.

DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, Valter Poole conducting. Soloist: Kyung Wha Chung, violinist. Ford Aud. 8:30 pm.

UNDERGROUND FLICS at the Detroit Repertory Theater. Shows at 11 pm and 1 am. See Dec. 13 for info on films.

Sun. Dec. 15

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Eat It at Alvin’s Finer Delicatessen, Cass & Edsel Ford Xway from 11 am to 3 pm. Judie Davis (our Eat It chick) brings your way bagels, cream cheese and all the coffee you can drink.

HARVEY IS BACK. Enjoy outasight music with your host (the boy wonder) Harvey Ovshinsky from 12 to 1 am. This is only until Mike Kerman comes back from vacation so don’t miss this rare happening. WABX, 99.5 FM.

ALONG CAME DAFFY (cartoon) and “Dinky” starring Jackie Cooper and Mary Astor. Henry Ford Museum Theater, 2 and 4 pm.

BENEFIT FOR THE NEEDY at the Grande Ballroom. WABX and WKNR FM, in cooperation with Russ Gibb will present a charity benefit for needy blacks and whites. Groups include the Frost, Dharma, 3rd Power, and the Stooges. Adm. $1.50 or the equivalent in canned goods.

Tues. Dec. 17

ANNA CHRISTI, starring Greta Garbo (1930) at the Detroit Institute of Arts Aud. 8 pm.

Weds. Dec. 18

ROMEO & JULIET starts at the Studio 8 Theat. Franco Zeffrelli presents a new version of Shakespeare’s classic.

Thurs. Dec. 19

DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Werner Torkanowsky, guest conductor. Ford Aud. at 8:30 pm.

GRANDE BALLROOM: Iron Butterfly in a no-age-limit concert. $4.50. Trippy music, plenty of freaks and psychedelic lights. Don’t forget the hippy bullshit counter where you can buy ‘albums, toys, and even a copy of the 5th Estate.

UNDERGROUND CINEMA, Detroit Repertory Theater. Just in case you missed the 11 pm. show, flics run at 1 am. also. This weekend’s groovies include: Wonton’s Wake, Fashions in Love, Song of the Prairie Flag, and more.

CHRISTMAN FAMILY THEATER PLAY, Henry Ford Museum Theater, 2:30 & 7:30 pm.

RAVEN GALLERY: Casey Anderson, folk entertainer appearing now thru Jan. 5 Greenfield Road just north of 12 Mile Road. Open every night except Mondays.

Sat. Dec. 21

NUTCRACKER SUITE presented by Severo Ballet Co. along with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Ford Aud. 11 am & 2 pm.

GRANDE BALLROOM: Iron Butterfly continues. No age limit. Adm. $4.50.

THE IMPERIAL NIGHTINGALE, presented by the Studio Company of the Meadowbrook Theater at Matilda Wilson Hall, Oakland Univer., Rochester. 2:00 pm.

ABSOLUTE ZERO COFFEEHOUSE: Folk singer (Johnny’s Restaurant freak!) Ronald McDonald and others, get together every weekend in the church basement at 388 N. Woodward in Birmingham. The toys and games are supplied for you. $1.50 adm.

SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Call 358-0226 to find out who the groups are for this weekend.

Sun. Dec. 22

EAT IT AT ALVIN’S DELI, Cass & Edsel Ford Xway. A place to go from 11 am to 3 pm, to get your bagels and cream cheese and all the coffee you can drink.

HARVEY ON WABX-FM. Harvey Ovshinsky does his thing on FM radio from 12 to 1 am. Freaky music and weirdness—can you dig it!

GRANDE BALLROOM: SRC, Detroit’s own famous rock ‘n roll group, will be there from 7-11 pm. in a no-age-limit concert. $2.50 adm. A trippy night is in store for you.

Mon. Dec. 23

FREAK CONCERT—OLYMPIA STADIUM MC5 and a Surprise Supporting Act, along with Arthur Brown and his Circus of Hell. 8:00 pm. Tickets are $4, $5 and $6.

Only one more shoplifting day til Christmas!

Tues. Dec. 24

ELECTRIC GRANDE CIRCUS, a special Xmas Eve happening at the Grande Ballroom with the New York Rock ‘n Roll Ensemble. Bring presents for the friendly freaks. Santa Claus will be there doing his thing for the high festivities. $2.50 adm.

Wed. Dec. 25


THE MC5, in complete untogetherness, at the Crows Nest East, 31059 Harper, St. Clair Shores.


GRANDE BALLROOM, Beverly at Grand River one block south of Joy Road.




PAINTING IN FRANCE: 1900-1967. Comprehensive showing of 20th Century French painting. Detroit Inst. of Arts.

MICHIGAN GRAPHICS ’68 and annual competitive exhibition of Michigan artists. Bloomfield Artists Assoc., 1516 Cranbrook Road.

MILTON AVERY DRAWINGS: Donald Morris Gallery, 20082 Livernois. Tues-Sat. 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.

ARTISTS-CRAFTSMEN SHOW: Works of ceramics, jewelry, weavings, painting and sculpture. Detroit Artists Market, 1452 Randolph Street.

MINIATURE MANNEQUINS: Kresge Exhibit Hall, Detroit Historical Museum.

AUTOMOTIVE EXHIBIT: Industrial Hall, Det. Historical Museum.

TOY FAIR: Adler/Schnee, Inc., 240 E. Grand River.

CHRISTMAS MISCELLANY: J. L. Hudson Gallery, 1206 Woodward.

JOHN FAHOOME, Robert McAllen-paintings. Lawrence Steven Gallery, 1433 Randolph. TuesSat., 11 am-5 pm.


WSU UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN CENTER Putnam at 4th. Mon, Thurs, Fri. 1-5 pm.

CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH, Woodward and Adams. Sun. 8-10 pm.

ST. MARTIN DePOORES CENTER, 2234 Gratiot. Sun. 4-6 pm.

DRAFT RESISTANCE COMMITTEE, 249 La Belle, Highland Park. Mon-Fri. 10 am-3 pm.


YELLOW SUBMARINE: outasight colors and songs with the Beatles, at the Radio City, Wdwd and 9 Mile Road.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY: Summit Theater, Lafayette and Washington Blvd.

ROMEO & JULIET: Studio 8 Theater, Greenfield and 8 Mile Road Shopping Center.