Editors’ Notes


Fifth Estate # 69, December 26, 1968-January 8, 1969

Big changes at the Fifth Estate. As you can see by the staff box above our paper’s decisions will be made by an Editorial Group rather than by the two former co-editors. This represents an attitude on the part of the people working full-time on the paper that decisions should be made collectively by those most closely involved in its production.

Two issues ago, in this space, we promised the appearance of a supplement called Talus and edited by Tom Haroldson. Unfortunately we couldn’t see eye to eye on several matters and the whole concept was scrapped. Still we hope to be doing more Guerrilla supplements and special issues in the new year. Let us know what you would like to see more or less of

Another one of our deals with a New York firm has fallen apart. People at Aston-Honor, Inc. made a deal with us to sell their book Chicago Eyewitness by Mark Lane. However, it seems there was a screw-up in the address they gave us and everyone who sent in an order got their letter returned. We are awaiting advice from the publisher.

The whole staff wants to thank those people and firms who sent us holiday greeting cards. We really dug getting them and wish everyone a beautiful Zenta season.

The Fifth Estate needs an ad manager who has some experience and is mature appearing (sorry, but you have to deal with some real chomps). There is liberal commission and we need the bread.

A new telephone service in Detroit: dial FUCK YOU and find out where all the night’s entertainment is. The day we called, most of what they had in store sounded pretty square, but they may improve as time goes by.

The Hyperbole called us yesterday and said that the reason they stopped carrying our paper is because of a lack of space, not because their customers complained. They even stopped carrying GO magazine. We didn’t mean to bum rap the place; it’s a nice store, run by nice folks.

Attention Fifth Estate salesmen: you can pick up papers on Plum Street again instead of coming to our dangerous inner city office. Get them at the Plum Head Shop in the building where the Skin Shop used to be.

March on Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LNS)—A “massive demonstration against the war in Vietnam” has been called by the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam.

The plans include a rally on Jan. 19, and additional actions on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference has asked poor people to join the anti-war demonstrators to press for a resolution of the problem of poverty in America.

The National Interim Committee of SDS, meeting in Chicago last month, voted against supporting the Inauguration Day mobilization, but there may be further debate about this within SDS, especially in local areas.