Vote now on Vietnam

...with the Voters Pledge


Fifth Estate # 7, April 1966

The Vietnam war is exacting a cruel toll in lives and resources, detracting from constructive domestic programs, and threatening to lead to a third world war.

I PLEDGE to support and vote for candidates in 1966 who agree to work vigorously:

FOR U.S. steps to scale down the fighting to achieve a cease fire;

FOR U.S. initiatives to encourage negotiations with all concerned parties including the Vietcong (NLF); and

FOR a settlement which permits the Vietnamese people freely to work out their own future;

FOR the use of international agencies to settle disputes among nations; and

FOR the avoidance of military intervention in the affairs of other nations;

FOR the increasing use of our resources in constructive economic and social programs at home and abroad.

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Voters’ Pledge Campaign

Norman Thomas, Rev. William Sloane Coffin, Co-Chairmen; Sanford Gottlieb, Coordinator

Throughout America, dozens of organizations and thousands of people are cooperating to secure as many signatures as possible to the Voters’ Pledge to show support for Congressional candidates who will work for a peaceful settlement in Vietnam. Those who can will go to Washington, D.C. on May 14 to join in a massive show of voters’ support for peace in Vietnam. Your pledge will be added to the others in your Congressional District, brought to the attention of your Congressman, and delivered to Washington. Prepare now to go to Washington on May 14.

MAIL TO: Voters’ Pledge Campaign, 245 Second Street N.E., Washington 2, D.C.