Friends of Democracy

Greece is still under a military dictatorship


Fifth Estate # 71, January 23-February 5, 1969

Twenty months after the coup d’etat of April 21, 1967 Greece is still under a military dictatorship which rules by decree and the gun. Fundamental democratic and human rights of the people are still denied. Many Greeks have been murdered. Thousands have been imprisoned and are being tortured by means comparable to the Gestapo tactics of Nazi Germany and the purges of Stalinist Russia.

Thousands more, men and women, are detained in concentration camps on remote islands. All political parties have been outlawed. The Greek parliament has been dissolved. All trade unions have been banned. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right of assembly have been suppressed.

These stark realities call for action. We cannot remain indifferent and silent to the shameful tactics of the politicians administering the affairs of our country, who at this very moment and over the years have financed, equipped and trained the fascists now oppressing the Greek people.

It is time that we put a stop to our wealth, our power and our armed forces being used to install and bolster reactionary and corrupt regimes throughout the world.

What has happened in Greece may happen in other countries. Armies are in a position to stage coups and take over power: The first armed takeover by tyranny in Europe since World War II should be a warning…

The Michigan Freedom for Greece Committee has been formed to contribute in the long hard struggle which will ensue until democracy, human rights and civil liberties are restored in Greece. Our objectives are:

The immediate release of all political prisoners. The restoration of civil liberties to the Greek people.

The institution of free elections in which all political parties are allowed to participate.

The establishment in Greece of the sovereignty of the Greek people.

The dissemination of information through various public media to the American people and policy makers.

We ask you to take an active part in our efforts to restore freedom and democracy in Greece. What can you do to help? Become a member of our Committee. Express your opinions. Inform your friends about the situation in Greece. Write to the editors of your local newspapers. Encourage any anti-junta activity. Participate in our activities and special events. Volunteer to speak on behalf of the Committee in personal presentations of the facts about Greece and our goals to high school and college audiences, or wherever else we have an opportunity to present our views.

If you know of others who oppose the dictatorship and would like to see democracy and freedom restored in Greece, send us their names and addresses.

We will in turn contact them.

The activities of the Committee are limited only by the availability of funds. Please help us with your contributions. Your financial and moral support will be greatly appreciated.

Michigan Freedom for Greece Committee
P.O. Box 7415, North End Station
60 E. Milwaukee
Detroit, Michigan 48202

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