Fifth Estate # 72, February 6 - 19, 1969


Global Books Moves

Global books, a long-time Detroit Marxist bookstore, has moved its headquarters to 4415 Second at Canfield.

The bookstore, which has been in operation since 1958, carries radical literature, both current and classic, periodicals from Socialist countries and books on black liberation, labor and economics.

Also available is the Guardian, The Daily World (a daily marxist newspaper) and the Fifth Estate.

Bookstore manager Claire Carsman said, “We are not just going to be a bookstore, but we are making this a center for radical thought, discussions, and film showings. Also, we will provide a place here for local artists and writers to find a center for dialogue and to exhibit their talent

The store’s grand re-opening will be the week of Feb. 10 and will feature a sale on more than 2,000 books. Store hours are 11 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Greek Junta

SALONIKA, Greece (LNS)—Six men have been found guilty of “printing and distributing anti-regime literature” and have been sentenced to prison terms of five and a half to sixteen and a half years.

The junta victims include writers, teachers, and professionals from Salonika. Several suffered tortures in prison. Stelios Nestor, a lecturer in law at Salonika University, got the stiffest jail sentence. Torturers beat him on the soles of his feet and hung him by the feet for hours. Constantine Pyrzas, a professor at the university, suffered a “mock execution,” with a priest present to lend reality to the experience.

Further information about the repressive Greek regime and the growing resistance to it may be obtained from Demokratia, Box 678, Stuyvesant Sta., New York, N.Y. 10009. Demokratia also sells pamphlets, poetry and “Free Greece” buttons (25 cents each).