Fifth Estate # 72, February 6 - 19, 1969






Get your shit together be


Tell your friends be

the first on

your block

My God Man be


What would Che say


Kill a pig a day fuck in the streets wear


Quote Mao

If you like this poem

it isnt for you

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


five sticks/electric cap

BIG BEN (Americana)

One hand (You only tell the hour)

to fasten 1 wire from the dry cell to the cap.

to fasten the other from dry cell to hole in the clock (at 12)

BREAK THE WIRE/leave life space

& thence along the hand to the cap/

when clock strikes 12/strikes wires/bang)

the bundle wrapped in barbwire & all

in a ceegar box (like a goodie)

guess the time & leave it with a friend:


think of it as a surprise party

that started in Chicago.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

banks are good / a little dangerous loan stores

are just about as fat as you might think.

A&P on Saturday before they

make the pickup. Charlotte Ford

has a kid. Nice kid.

someday go to Harvard.

God is love. Che takes the collection.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

what to do in the meantime

apply for a passport

youd have to be in canada five years before

you could get one there

(what could happen in canada in five years?)


an adult education first aid class

and the necessary equipment


when it happens

be ready

to fight/run


its the life not the lifestyle

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

dynamite he push

up packt clay

you punch against

a cold crack in the cold mortar/time fuse

more safe to run.

abt. 20 feet of clean fuse fixed to

mercury cap 10-15 sticks 60% tri-

nitroglycerine only to say

thank you Fort Wayne

care of Bobby Hutton

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

it is not too soon to think of survival

where you will run and

who will take you in how

you will live

and what you will do to stay alive/these

are things to concern yourself with a

man in a cellar with flat bread

is better off

than a dead example

where is your cellar do you

have bread

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Under the car/near the wheel

a hose /’bout

the width of a cigar. this


while they’re in drinking coffee.

Huey Newton still in jail &

squad car running through traffic with no brakes/

nothing to stop it

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

when it happens

be sure

to know someone who will know

keep in contact

be ready to run/stay alive

dont cross the detroit river

go north

to the st clair

(marine city algonac roberts landing)

take a boat from a canal

dont worry about a motor

break into a garage for oars/row lonely

now youre there

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

think hard about the Lodge/the Ford

where they come together. money-fuckers.

think of them beams-steel-re-

inforced concrete. think about

prima-cord/plastique (found in army boxcars)

think about the sound. this is praise.

a letter to the grave to Malcolm.