Editors’ Notes


Fifth Estate # 74, March 5-19, 1969

The Man’s heavy hand of repression is attempting again to strike at this paper. We have been getting reports from both sellers, distributors, and buyers about police and school harrassment.

At Southfield High, which is run by anti-Fifth Estate fanatics, Principal Robert Hall and youth pig, Richard Overmeyer, persons have been suspended for selling the paper and students have had individual copies confiscated merely for having them in their possession.

Although all the details are unclear at this writing it appears as though our Plymouth outlet has been busted by the local pigs. The American Civil Liberties Union is presently looking in to the situation.

A word of advice to bookburners and other fascist creeps: the Fifth Estate has never lost a battle involving its right to sell our paper when we want to and to whom we want and we are not about to start. We have taken on everyone from right-wing vandals to the Macomb County prosecutor to J.L. Hudson Co. and have won every battle.

The only thing the authority-heads have done is make more people want to read what we have to say and find out why pigs, principals, and parents don’t want them to see it.

The reason these creeps don’t want people to read our paper is because what we are running down cuts to the heart of their greedy, authority-oriented society and they know that if enough people get hip to the truth their whole house of cards will come tumbling down. And they’re right—it will.

Anyway, as we have said so many times in the past, the best way to fight oppression and creeps trying to control your life is to hit them head on. “They got the guns, but we got the numbers” —The Doors.

In this case this means flooding the most uptight areas with Fifth Estates.

We need salesmen in every section of the metropolitan area and if you don’t have any bread we can give you a few back issues to give to your friends.

If there is anyone interested in doing distribution for outlying areas like down-river, Pontiac, etc., call Bruce at our office.

The MPs (Military Pigs) at Ft. Wayne got so upset when Brother Gotkin of our Editorial Group came to take his army physical and brought in a stack of Fifth Estates that one soldier pulled a .45 on him and threatened to shoot him if he entered the base.

He called the dude’s bluff and passed the paper out inside the base getting a good reception from the inductees and even from some of the soldiers. If you are going to go for a physical or for induction stop by our office and get something to pass out.


The full name of the author of last issue’s article, “Black Anti-Semitism” [FE #73, February 20-March 5, 1969] is Larry Hochman.

Look Like A Citizen

CHEYENNE Wyo. (LNS)—If 19-year-olds get the vote in Wyoming, the senate wants them shorn.

The Wyoming Senate amended a proposed constitutional amendment giving 19 year-olds the right to vote by tacking on a provision that 19- and 20-year-old. boys must have haircuts that “conform to military standard.”

“When you accept the responsibility of a citizen, you should look like a citizen,” commented Senator J.W. Myers of Evanston, Wyoming.