Witch-hunters Stall


Fifth Estate # 74, March 5-19, 1969

Most students will have left for Summer vacation when a special state Senate investigating committee begins its witch-hunt of campus radicals and their morals.

“It probably will be the end of July before we are able to conduct public hearings intelligently,” said Chairman Robert J. Huber, an apparition from the 1950s.

In the meantime the committee will be conducting hearings with state, local, federal, and campus pigs and any student or faculty finks they can round up. And in the style of Joe McCarthy and HUAC, no one will have a chance to confront their accusers or cross-examine them.

Huber’s desire to have intelligent hearings is of course an impossibility just by the nature of the proceedings, but his main concern in stalling the public hearings until July was to head off any demonstrations. We are sorry to disappoint the dear Senator, but the movement in this state has no intention of allowing a witch-hunt to occur without public opposition no matter when the hearings are held.

So, Hubie baby, remember you read it here: You are going to see a lot of uptight students and citizens no matter when or where you hold your farce, dig it?