Editors’ Notes


Fifth Estate # 75, March 20-April 2, 1969

This newspaper, WSU’s South End, and the Inner City Voice are going to sponsor a revolutionary newspaper conference on April 11, 12, and 13. It will be held on the Wayne University campus.

The need for such a conference rises out of a growing movement in the Detroit area; in high schools, plants, colleges, and communities.

When a local movement or group reaches a certain stage of growth it must have a vehicle to speak to its constituents. We hope this conference will help people start a great number of new publications and let them do it without repeating the same mistakes existing publications have made during their development.

The conference will hold a complete “how to do it” clinic for those who want to start new publications, whether it is a weekly offset paper or a monthly mimeoed newsletter.

Other questions relating to publication, operation, funding, legal matters will be dealt with at the conference.

Those interested should write Conference, c/o this paper for further details.

WHO NEEDS ENEMIES DEPT. A few issues ago we ran an anti-smoking ad that had the name of the American Cancer Society at the bottom. We took this from another publication and thought we were doing a public service and helping the work of the Society.

Apparently they didn’t see it like that. One of the executives of the ACS called our office and said they had received complaints that their ad was appearing in a “far-out” publication and would we please not run their ad again.

What do you say to ingrates like that, I hope you get cancer? Just remember them the next time those hustlers come around for a donation.

As you can see by the ad further back in this issue, we are beginning distribution of the Guardian, the Movement and the Black Panther. All of these are excellent papers and are available to stores or to individuals at wholesale cost. Call Bruce at our office for further information.

It seems like it’s vacation time for Fifth Estate columnists.

Brother Sinclair, the Rock and Roll Dope, is out West on tour with the MC5. We received some vague reports as we went to press that they had all of their appearances cancelled by a no-good promoter and were stranded, but we will have the full scoop next issue.

Sister Judie Davis was too busy eating it to get her column in and as a result there will no doubt be thousands eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next two weeks. No sense of responsibility.