Stooges In New York


Fifth Estate # 75, March 20-April 2, 1969

The Stooges, a Trans-Love band from Ann Arbor, will be in New York City for an end-of-the-month recording session at the Elektra studios.

Produced by John Cale of Velvet Underground fame, the group expects Elektra to release their first single and album in early May.

The band, signed simultaneously with the MC5 will also be doing a number of gigs at Steve Paul’s Scene and some college campuses in the area.

Although the Stooges have been receiving national publicity through magazines like Rolling Stone, the band has been experiencing trouble playing in the Detroit-Ann Arbor area.

After lead Stooge Iggy was busted several times for “obscene” behavior during the band’s performance, club owners have refused to book the band.