Algiers Motel Witness Freed


Fifth Estate # 76, April 3-16, 1969

Karen Malloy is out of jail and home in Columbus, Ohio.

Enough fuss was raised by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to force the Beast to “release” her on $5000 cash bond.

You see, Miss Malloy is one of the “key prosecution witnesses” in the bogus trial of suspended Detroit Pig Ronald August. This racist pig is due to stand trial in May for the vicious torture-slaying of Auburey Pollard, a 17-year old black who was among three blacks brutally murdered by the mad-dog agents of the Beast in the former Algiers Motel on Wednesday, July 26, 1967, during the height of the Rebellion.

Since the thugs responsible for the Algiers Motel Massacre are pigs—white, American, lawnorder pigs—and since the victims were black men; well, you know what the Beast is up to.

The Detroit Pig Department, the Wayne County Porkchop’s Office, and Recorder’s Court have all been party to an active conspiracy to see to it that no justice Will ever come down.

The Beast has stalled, growled, grunted, and shuffled its cloyed feet, trying every device in its well-stocked trick bag to see to it that these pigs will be praised, not punished, for their crimes. The case of Karen Malloy is a clear example.

She was jailed on Jan. 15 by the notorious racist foreman on the assembly line Recorder’s Court, Judge Robert Colombo. This pig threw her in jail in lieu of $25,000 bond, grunting that she was a prostitute and if she wasn’t kept under lock and key she would never show up to testify.

The ACLU took her case, noting that everybody’s favorite thug, Ronald August, has been running free on $5,000 bond and he’s accused of murder. (But, of course, he’s a pig; therefore of reliable character.) Miss Malloy was transferred from the barbaric Wayne County Dungeon to the Ingham County Jail, and finally her bond was lowered to $5000 by an Ingham County judge.

Her father was able to beg and scrape up this high bond to ransom his 20-year old daughter, even though he is employed as a brakeman for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.

The reason the Beast has worked so hard to harass Miss Malloy is clear.

It does not want to see Ronald August or any other pig, convicted of any crime against the people, especially black people.

August, who will stand trial only because he talks too much, confessed his crimes in the early hours of the halfhearted investigation the pigs conducted. He implicated his accomplices in crime, pig David Senak, known fondly to his fellow pigs as “the snake,” and pig Robert Paille.

But his fellow pigs, curiously “forgot” to warn August of his rights to remain silent and obtain counsel. And, according to the Supreme Court, a pig has the same rights as any citizen and must be reminded of those rights.

Yet, the Porkchop’s Office, led by chief porkchop William Cahalan, has based its case on this “confession,” knowing that it will have to be ruled inadmissible in the first trial, or could become the basis of appeal if something goes wrong and August is convicted.

Any competent prosecutor and any police department really interested in law enforcement no longer rely on dubious stationhouse confessions—that is if they want a conviction.

Miss Malloy, however, is a roadblock. She has vowed to testify about what she saw and was subjected to in the motel that night. So, the Beast has waged a campaign to discredit her testimony, and try to intimidate her into silence.

The bogus trial has been maneuvered out to Mason, Michigan, near Lansing, in Ingham County, a nice, nearly all white town, where an all white, lawnorderconscious jury is assured. It will be easy for the Detroit Police Officers Association supplied defense lawyer, working hand-in-hand with the trial judge and prosecutor, to turn the trial into an indictment of both the victims and the prosecution witnesses.

Interestingly enough, though, Mason is also the Michigan town in which Malcolm X spent a portion of his youth.

And, the Beast needn’t waste the taxpayers’ money blessing this pig anyway.

He and the other two thugs have already been tried—by the people and found guilty of their crimes by the People’s Tribunal in August, 1967. It only remains for the sentence handed down, death, to be carried out.


See Algiers Murder Trial, FE #80, May 29-June 11, 1969.