Black Theatre


Fifth Estate # 76, April 3-16, 1969

April 3rd began a new evening of theatre from black experience entitled “Soul of Darkness.”

Evenings of two one-act plays by Detroit playwright Laurence Blaine will be held at the Detroit Repertory Theatre.

“Little Old Ladies” will be performed by Jessie Newton, Irene McGlone, Frenchy Hodges, and Harrison Avery.

The cast for “The Meaning of Time” is Jane Ullmer, William Unger, and Harrison Avery. General understudy is Daniel Patterson.

Both plays are under the direction of Harrison Avery and present a slice of black experience.

Detroit’s black community has continued to produce important artists of the theatre. Such names as Woodie King, Jr., Cliff Frazier, Ron Milner, quickly come to mind. To this list Laurence Blaine must be added.

His dramatic investigations into the psychological tortures of the black experience recall the power of O’Neill and the expressive imagination of Tennessee Williams.

Mr. Blaine recalls and touches the verisimilitude of these American playwrights but remains his own man, and writes in his own style.

The plays are directed by Harrison Avery, one of the veteran black actors in Detroit.

“Soul of Darkness” will run alone for two weeks, then it will alternate each weekend with the Rep’s other production, Mrozek’s “Tango.”

“Tango” concerns itself with force and the rise of totalitarianism. A rather absurd family is seen in its decline and fall.

Tickets are available at all Hudson stores and the WSU ticket office. Reservations may be made by calling the theatre at 868-1347.

The Detroit Repertory Theatre is located at 13103 Woodrow Wilson.