Cops Kill Chicano


Fifth Estate # 76, April 3-16, 1969

Fernando Gonzalez was 16 years old.

He won’t be getting any older.

As his name implies, Gonzalez was a Chicano youth from southwest Detroit. And in a wanton display of insane racism, four crazed pigs from the Fort-Green Station of the Detroit Police Department, savagely clubbed the man to death on a Detroit street.

It was another case of the very real atmosphere of crime-in-the-streets that the mad-dog thugs in blue are responsible for.

Gonzalez had been enjoying a few beers with some friends at 410 Waterman. The party got a little loud and some uptight, elderly neighbors yelled “souiesouie.”

Two carloads of pigs crazy with power screeched up to the home and menaced Gonzalez and his companions on the sidewalk in front of the house. They attempted to snatch him up and arrest him on some bogus charge, when, according to them, he “resisted.”

Pigs have always used this devilish lie to hide their pathological sadism.

Gonzalez, who was 5 feet 4 inches, was set upon by three of the brutes; Delmore Wedge, Jack Rusnell, and Richard Lloyd, and savagely clubbed with a blackjack by the gleeful pigs. His limp form was then dumped into the pig car.

When he finally arrived at the pig pen, the thugs, anxious to hide their crime, concluded that he was “sick.” They dragged him down to the medieval Detroit General Hospital, and registered him as a sick patient—not a prisoner.

In their report, the pigs made no mention of the beating.

Gonzalez lay in a coma at the hospital and ultimately died of head injuries.

Dr. John Burton, Wayne County medical examiner, claimed an autopsy showed the youth “died from a fall,” which is a convenient corroboration of the pigs’ squeals that Gonzalez was drunk. Main Pig Johannes “The Lover” Spreen has promised a thorough probe of the murder, probably as thorough as the now infamous Wallace Whitewash investigation.

A 13-year old witness to the crime is in hiding, fearful that the same fate is in store for him as the pigs had for his friend. The Establishment press has virtually ignored the racist display, but Scope Magazine has reportedly been in touch with the witness and will disclose its findings.