Editors’ Notes


Fifth Estate # 76, April 3-16, 1969

The revolutionary newspaper conference sponsored by this newspaper and several other publications will be held on only one day: Saturday, April 12. The planners felt that the necessary work could be accomplished in that period.

The conference will cover a complete range of subjects from how to put together any printed newspaper (from mimeo to offset) as well as political perspectives, organizing, financing, legal questions and anything else people want to know.

If you want to put out a paper or newsletter at your college, high school, shop, or community be sure to be there. Films and music are expected.

The conference will be held at the DeRoy Auditorium on the Wayne State University Campus beginning at 10:30 am. Listen to WABX-FM for further information or write or call our office.

We made an error last issue and wish to apologize to FBI Special Agent William Lamb who was incorrectly identified as Head Hog Paul Stoddard. Lamb apparently is only a minor pig. Also, the article was written by Chris Singer.

Beginning next issue this newspaper will begin a regular column on what is going down in the area high schools. It will be edited by Dave Watson and he wants to establish as many high school contacts as possible. So, when something of note happens in your school—call in the story to our office.

For the first time in almost four years Harvey Ovshinsky’s name does not appear in the Fifth Estate staff box. Brother Ovshinsky began this paper by himself in 1965 and has been part of its growth ever since. Harvey has decided to devote his full energies to the Open City project and has resigned from the Editorial Group. We will miss him.

A happier staff box change is that of Claudia Efimchik becoming Claudia Montrose. Congratulations to Bruce and Claudia from the Fifth Estate editors and staff.

Now that the weather is turning nice, we would like to have as many Fifth Estate salesmen out in the street as possible.

You can pick up papers to sell at our office and the Plum Street Head Shop. Places like Northland and other shopping centers are virtual gold mines; flood your college or high school with papers; bring them to work with you.

Brothers and sisters in Toledo can pick up the Fifth Estate at the Westwood Art Theatre, 1602 Sylvania. Paul Barnes, the owner of the show is to be thanked for bringing the paper to that city.