Eat It!


Fifth Estate # 77, April 17-30, 1969

Photo shows close-up of a young woman with a spoon held between her teethWhy I like Chinese food:

I guess I really became crazy about Chinese food when I was living in New York and working as a waitress. I always ate Chinese on my day off because I was tired of roast beef and other all-American delights.

Chinese food is different from anything else; it’s hard to make at home, and it is usually quite cheap and very filling. I have never known anyone to leave a Chinese restaurant hungry.

Chinese restaurants appear in every large city, stay open late and usually have grumpy waiters. What ever advances and new directions the food-service industry takes, I feel quite certain that Chinese restaurants will always stay the same.

My friend Suzanne told me about walking into a Chinese restaurant in Mexico City only to find it looked almost like every other Chinese restaurant she has been in, including similar menus. The waiters were similarly old and grumpy, only thing, everyone spoke Spanish. (Who knows, maybe that’s what the waiters in Detroit are actually speaking).

I have also found that Chinese food cuts across most socio-economic barriers. Everyone likes Chinese food.

Dining out in Detroit, as I am wont to do, I usually choose Chinese.

Certain Chinese restaurants are known for certain specialties (China Doll on Second has good chicken dishes, Hoe Hoe’s, near Wayne’s campus has the biggest portion, cheapest priced chow mein) but I must give a super-duper, four-star rating to Chung’s, Cass at Peterboro.

Their egg rolls are so light and succulent, it’s making my mouth water just to write about them. Anything you order at Chung’s is consistently excellent and moderately priced.

I decided at this moment to do a tour-with-comment of Chinese restaurants. If any of you out there in underground-land have favorite Chinese restaurants, let me know and I’ll check them out.

Chinese food forever.