Fifth Estate # 79, May 15-28, 1969

UNCLASSIFIEDS cost 50 cents per line per issue. Figure four words per line. (A word is a word including one and two letter words. A phone number is a word. Street numbers are words. Abbreviations should be sensible. DISCOUNT RATES: Five runs cost 35 cents per line.

Happy Birthday, Thomas C! May you always think of me…Bev.

sara ann rapp: prepare… next time I may dance from 10 to 11; love to cook; love e e pooh.

Christine J.—Call Open City about your mother.

Help! I am enslaved in Vietnam. May God heal my wounded soul. Peace. Don Russel, USN.

Pat Nixon is Them. Ed Sanders is US.

Communicate with a male who likes to entertain males. Neat and discreet. P.O. Box 225, Centerline.

To Kenneth & Mary—Much love and Happiness from Peter & Marilyn.

Larry loves Mary. Ask Don and Tom. We saw it happen.

LEGAL HASH. Turn-on guaranteed. Just like grass, cook or smoke it. $2 a lid makes 20 groovy joints. 3 lids/$5, 7 lids/ $10. Hurry! WINNER, Box 48475-FE, Hollywood, 90028. Dealers wanted.

Husband, 25, loves wife but seeks enjoyable relationship with other married women. Utmost discretion. Contact me at P.O. Box 254, Detroit, MI 48231.

DRAFT PROBLEMS?? ACT! Explore your alternatives at Detroit Draft Counseling Center, Methodist Church, Woodward at Grand Circus, Sundays 8 to 10 p.m.

The War Sucks!—Stove Man in Vietnam.

Photo freaks—your films hand developed and printed. Professional quality enlargements up to 16×20. 8x10s, $1. Send negatives to: W. Wegner, 4373 Wayside Dr. S., Saginaw, Mi.

Couple, white, 30 & 22 wants to meet other couples for mixer parties and French culture. etc. Call 899-1938, ask for Jerry and leave your phone number. Our first time.

STELLA CIGARETTE PAPERS All types of Watch Bands, Glasses Peter Fonda and Round Wire Frames. All types of Rings. Wholesale only. Platt Mfg. Co., 424 S. Los Angeles St., L.A. 628-1205 or 628-4065.

Nursing exp. companion, confidante. Female, 37, part time to gentleman or lady. Utmost discretion. TY9-1938.

J.M.—It could have been worse. You could have been hired! 19 companies rejected me before my first.

Boycott the Detroit News! Don’t smoke mafia pot! Fight for freedom! Listen to Martha Jean the Queen!

ABM is a BM, bumperstickers 5/$1 to John Roger Johansen, 8035 Cherrylawn, Detroit, 48221 Also: “Chesty Puller makes me puke!”

Spring snow on the mountain slope, a pine tree across the blue sky, an old pine cone.

See Young Dancers Guild Spring Concert, May 17, 1969. DeRoy Auditorium, Jewish Community Center. Detroit. The Beautiful Swingers.

Dave H.—Call Mike M. on Sat.

Vietnam sucks!—a subscriber in Danang.

DONDERO ACTIVISTS: What happened to your plans? Stop fucking around. Begin planning for next year. UNITE!

Chuck—please call Bob again at 563-6417 on the weekend or at the shop.

MOTORCYCLES—Tired of being screwed by capitalists? Resistance Bike Shop does repairs, speed tuning, customizing. Specialize in electrics. Brian & Ken. 836-5055 or 476-8650.

David Eisenhower is Them. Jim Morrison is US!

Female Figure Models wanted for photography $10 per hour. Discretion assured. Experience unnecessary. Any age. Send statistics and photo to Box 7662, Detroit, 48209,

Let it be known that NCO’s and officers in ‘Nam SUCK! Goofy and the guys.

TURN ON with the “Famous Trip-Out Book.” Sure-fire formulas to make hash from legal chemicals. Make Peyote, DMT, Cannabis, Mescaline, LSD, etc. Do it now. Send $2 to TRIPS-UNLIMITED, Box 36395-FE, Hollywood, 90036.

OPEN CITY will provide FREE medical service every Monday night from 6 to 8 pm at 4726 Third St., at Forest. Check it out.

World welcome if you will Philip Gene Burke, born 4-2-69 to Stoney and Sam. With all our love, Peggy & Tiny Jones.

Toots—Remember Kris from the Blues Magoos, Jefferson Airplane, Who, & Mothers shows? Well, call me at 626-0111.

Lonely GI in Vietnam would like to correspond with good looking girl between age 19 and 23. Send picture write Sp/5 T. Tucker, 357 Trans. Co., APO San Francisco, Ca. 96229.

Brothers & Sisters—to whom it may concern GET FUCKED! All power to the people.


GOING TO CANADA TO AVOID THE DRAFT? You need the new April 1969 edition of “Immigration to Canada and Its Relation to the Draft.” Single copies free from the Montreal Council to Aid War Resisters, Case Postale 5, Succ. Wsmt., Montreal 215, Quebec, Canada.

The electronics curriculum at Cass Tech blows.

Girls…Women—singles and groups! Let me serve you! Good looking frenchman. Enjoys being bound, whipped, or what have you. Contact Kenny through the personal columns or through the Fifth Estate unclassifieds. Will answer all.

Two intelligent freethinking bachelors wish to meet girls interested in weekend love -ins and/or ? WO1-9500, ex. 505.

Wanted, educated, conditioned, ripened, enlightened, and well-seasoned middle-aged and on up men that are unusually affectionate, for enjoyment on weekends. Midweek is all right too. All kinds and types of men are welcome, but preferrably large, tall, and friendly baratones. Procrastinators are not welcome. Call TE3-7016.

Dear Bill—Happy 22nd! I’ll always be waiting for you. I love you. I miss you. Take care. Sandie.

Nathan Pusey is Them. Paul Williams is US!

Wanted: male films, etc. P.O. Box 613, Flint, Mich. 48501.

Single guy, 28, seeks same for friendship or roommate. Call after 9 pm. 567-0213.

Embittered young soldier would like to correspond with compassionate girl. Sp/4 Robert Barry, 1st Pers. Suc. Bn. (Enl Recds) APO San Francisco, Ca. 96223.

Bumpersticker—with peace sign and “repeal the 21st,” 500 write to H.E.A.D.S., 4937 Culver, Dearborn Hgts., MI 48125.

Wanted male or female rider to L.A. California. Call Jack at 563-3243.

May is the month of Love: John & Susan, Dennis & Lisa, Kenneth & Mary.

Hey Frank—Happy Birthday!!!

GIRLS—guys, couples waiting with your interests & desires Detroit’s fastest growing Club $1 to Box 635, Warren, Mich. 48090.

Really great rocknroll from Birmingham—the Motorfoot truly fantastic new group.

Anybody who allows himself to be drafted is a fool. Anyone who enlists is a bigger fool.—A 1C R. Kackinsky, April 1969.

Wanted: horny females to write, etc. Horny marine in Vietnam. address L/cpl M.E. Murphy, 2320803, HQ 113/12 (Comm) FPO San Francisco, Ca. 96602.

For sale—Farfisa Combo Deluxe Organ with case, cover & pedals, Also Electric piano with case. 363-2088, Pontiac.

Guy wants musclemen types for fun and friendship. Call Lou, 925-7067 Eves. Good bodies, any race.

VITAL DRAFT INFO: $1 to Rev. John Moore, Box 48, Berkeley, Ca. 94701.

Male, 29, quiet type with money, wishes to freak out with quiet type female and follow the sun. write box 1204, Warren, Mich. 48092.

Gen. Westmoreland is Them. Steve Katz is US!

Scott stereo amp. 60 watts, $90. Call Allen, UN4-6395.

Accounting & Tax service for radical groups, hip concerns, etc, Call Bill Rowe at the Fifth Estate office, 832-0262.

Male secretary wanted parttime. with writing experience and research skill. Shorthand not required. Call Ray evenings at831- 0513.

Nice guy, 24, wants girl companion, 18-25, interested in nudism and going to camp. Write Tommy, Box 8234, Detroit, 48213.

WPH—Vietnam—Love you and miss you! See you in November. All of our love—Kathy & kids, Chuck & Grace.

RRR (The Magical Prince) whose enchantments have fashioned shimmering moments of joy Lafayette Toad No. 1.

This green machine can suck my dick. It wouldn’t be so bad if all lifers would die. Dan loves Karen—Jon.

Gay guy, 18, easy-going personality wishes to meet guys of similar age for friendship and sex. Write P.O. Box 160, Detroit 48221.

Mature male nudist seeks mature female nudist for weekend camp visits. Call 272-7566 after 6 pm. Tom.

A female clerical worker, saleslady, or student, any race, may share my cozy West Chicago Apartment. $35 monthly. I’m black, 30, ex-collegian, tall, pleasant, sophisticated. WE5-3192. evenings.

GOING TO EUROPE and around the world by motorcycle. Leav: May 27 for Germany. Would dig some good people & places to meet and see. If you have traveled or could help call and tell me what’s happening. Richard Stocker, Box 82, Keego Harbor, 682-2590.

Gay male books, magazines, movies, free catalogues. Trojan, Box 2121-H, Phila. Pa.

Support your man in the service: Fight conscription. Remember: Sam sucks big ones! and lifers eat it!—PTW at CAFB.

Female “spread” magazines, movies, paperbacks, free catalogues, Beaver, Box 2373-H, Phila. Pa.