Five Bassist Popped

The MC5 always lose the first time


Fifth Estate # 81, June 12-25, 1969

“The MC5 always lose the first time,” according to Wayne Kramer, lead guitar with the group.

Wayne was speaking about the band’s bad scene with Elektra records.

The 5, now based on a ten-acre hideout near Hamburg, Michigan goes through more externally imposed changes than any band in history.

The cancellation of their contract by Elektra was unprecedented in recording business history. The record company released a super hot band with a record in the top 30 albums nationally because Elektra President Jac Holzman couldn’t relate to the band’s high-energy assault tactics.

However, the band was overjoyed and happy to get out of the Elektra quicksand.

The 5 have now signed with Atlantic Records and have a contract which allows the group a large degree of freedom in production, promotion and advertising (see back page). The band will begin recording their next album at GM studios in Detroit this week and it should be released by mid-July.

Mike Davis, bassist with the group, has been charged with larceny from a building in Ann Arbor for leaving a drug store June 7 with an unpaid for pair of sunglasses. The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Davis left the store to get money from people outside when the owner couldn’t change a $100 bill Kramer had presented to pay for the glasses and other purchases. Kramer remained inside the store.

The owner picked up a ball bat, grabbed Davis outside and kidnapped him to the basement of the store until the police came.