Fifth Estate # 82, June 26-July 9, 1969

Dig it brothers,

I have dug the newspaper for almost 8 months and I’m really for the People having the power, because the Establishment has fucked this country completely up. I feel that your paper really gets down to the natural nitty thang in every printed page!

I especially dug your hip reply to the brainwashed men of the 3rd Plt., B Co., 1/6 Inf., 5th Div.

Dig it, Fifth Estate, I don’t speak only for myself and family, but for a lot of high school drop-outs, would-be teenage junkies and a lot of cats who just hang out because of unemployment. Don’t get me wrong, the job scene is getting better, but, baby, there’s so much more to do.

You guys (cats in the Nam) have your bag imposed and branded on your minds by the Establishment and I can dig your thang, but don’t condemn and criticize the Estate for just telling it like it damned sure is!

Tell them, Fifth Estate, how hard it is to lose your brothers in the cold war in the cities of this country, yeah, lose them to the pigs and the racists that hold positions in the companies when you try to cop a decent gig.

Tell them also that there are a lot of us here, yeah, right here,-that proudly wore the uniform of our country and were willing to die for the doctrine of our country and were refused service at rest rooms, lunch counters, hotels, etc. of our country.

Tell ’em in no uncertain terms, that we will not be fucked over any longer.

If it comes to warfare, tell ’em to come home where they are needed!

S. Hargraves
Ghetto, Detroit


I am writing to compliment you on your swanging paper, and to let you know how much I digs it. Matter-of-factually this letter shall just about cover all I have to say.

To T.C.B. first I am going to get to the point quickly, cause after reading the facts in this May edition of the paper I find that it’s not easy to tear myself away from something I like. Besides, who wants to read Stars & Stripes everyday?

As you have gathered I am in Viet Nam serving what little time I have left in the service and it is foul, foul, foul. I have learned quite a bit from this place cause I have been around people.

The people that I want to discuss are here in this army for a lifetime, and really shouldn’t be allowed to live. Maybe I am taking a chance on writing this letter to you but I just had to compliment you on the way you gives (the army) it’s propers.

A friend of mine hipped me to the paper from Detroit and I always try to keep up on what’s happening in the Motor City because I’m from there myself

One more thing that’s happening! The heads, dopies, and all black people, over here are really together. Just to make it plain anything from pvt. to a few of the lifers are cool. I mean they really get down.

Be cool,

S. Whiting, Jr.

Dear Editor,

I too am one of the unfortunates, exploited halfway around the earth, to spend a year in hell. However my stay has been fairly enjoyable, considering war isn’t my thing!

The company of fellow heads, excellent grass, The Fifth Estate and other publications which print the truth make Nam a groove of sorts.

I pity the straights, Vietnam is such a hassle for them.

Speaking of hassles getting busted is definitely at the top of the list. That misfortune was shared by two friends recently much to our dismay. Told to cooperate or go to jail, fink or fry, what a choice!

During our nightly blowout our group decided to volunteer our names and rap to our friends’ plight. We informally met with our Battalion CO (the plastic bastard).

After five hours of discussion on The Noble Weed, The Revolution, and (large) Generation Gap, he was shocked that in reality he couldn’t tell us anything, and became quite foolish.

The realization of a force growing by the hour, striving to abolish the paradox he and his cohorts choose to hibernate in was beyond his comprehension.

My friends received the lowest punishment the situation allowed, Article 155, which proves once again, united we have the power to save this misguided world.

Let’s get together people!

Yours in peace

Lee Alan Kay

Dear Sir:

I am writing in regard to your reply for my address. I wrote you a letter with pictures, which was published in your May 15th issue. My name is Patrick Mahon who is stationed in Phu Bai, Vietnam with the 172 Egr. Det. I will include my address below for your correspondence.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me about 10 copies of that issue in subject. There are people in the picture who would like their own copies.

It meant a great deal to me, as well as the others, to have your backing and appreciation in our thoughts. So may I thank you on behalf of all of us.

Your paper has so much more meaning and significance here.

May peace be with you as well as us.

Patrick J. Mahon


Dear Brothers,

I just read your May 15-28 issue of the Fifth Estate, and I think that the men of the 3rd Plt., B. Co., 1/6 Inf., 5th Div. suck dicks.

I’m in the Army, and I’m stationed at a marine company, and there’s a total of eight army dudes here, all of which are heads, except for one right-winger radical from Idaho.

We’re in the process of eliminating him now.

David Mulligan

To whoever is there:

I have to make a comment on your May 29 issue. It is the best bit of hip reporting that I have read in your paper in quite a while. I found every article worth reading for a change. If you could publish a paper like this every week, I would start working and maybe send $3 for a subscription.

Your paper is too hung-up on our black brothers. I’m interested in what happens to all my brothers, not just some. Open up your paper to the whole community. There has to be more coming down than just a few fucking things. Have we no art or writing worth writing about?

I am interested not only in change but also in creating. Man ain’t no lump of shit. There has to be somebody doing something. Why don’t you try opening up the Fifth to the fine writing talents of this city.

Peace and freedom,

Stan Slupczynski