Eat It


Fifth Estate # 83, July 10-23, 1969

Since I’m more or less trapped working downtown this summer my latest food adventure is the lost art of sandwich making.

Making your own lunch is always a drag. When you were a kid there was at least some element of surprise when your mother made your lunch. At least there was with my mother who believed in putting in surprises once in a while.

But now I always know what’s in the bag. I really try to make my sandwiches look good so I’ll get some kind of enjoyment out of them. (Eating lunch when you’re working is boring and not at all fun. Mostly because you know you have to go back to work, I guess.)

I like liverwurst on pumpernickel with carrot sticks on the side. Last Friday I smelled up the office with my muenster cheese and green pepper sandwich (some dopey girl thought I had green jello on my sandwich).

I find that if I have interesting bread, I can enjoy the sandwich more. Like toasted cinnamon bread with cheese. I also like the thin bread miniatures with sesame seeds. They come in a package of eight for 39 cents.

I usually take my lunch to Kennedy Square and watch all the grown-ups (those who make a career of the 9-5 routine) watch each other. Try to make it downtown and sit in Kennedy Square between 12 and 2 for a completely different scene in people watching.

The following recipe for lamb marinade was sent in by Eleanor Haroldson.

Use sliced onions, olive oil, sherry, oregano, salt and pepper. Marinate overnight and baste with mixture while cooking. Add fresh garlic if desired.

If anyone else would like to write in their favorite recipes, please do so; especially if you have any new ideas for sandwich making.