Fifth Estate # 83, July 10-23, 1969

Dear People,

Listen and dig the “fair” deal the troops get in good old Vietnam by the military-pig-racist-establishment.

Currently I am being framed on a phony marijuana bust. I have an eyewitness to testify in my favor but it will be the word of two enlisted men against the word of two 1st Lts. who can do no wrong as far as the military is concerned.

The word was out to get me because I was making too many people aware of their basic civil rights and trying to organize the real people to take a more positive stand against the brain police.

The crux of this whole affair is the fact that due to the fact that I’m in Vietnam, I will be forced to accept a military counsel chosen by the very people who are prosecuting me! I have the right to a civilian counsel with whom I could win the case, but who’s got the bread to pay to have a lawyer imported from the U.S.?

So, you see, brothers and sisters, when you’re in the army in Vietnam, Big Brother has you right where he wants you in more ways than one.

All power to the people!

Pvt. Michael Wacker
HHC 34th Eng. Bn.
S.F. APO 96289


Pull your heads out of your fannies for a second and attempt to explain how one issue of your mag condemns a flick while the next issue runs an ad for the same piece of shit.

Could it be you’ve sold out?

Editor’s Note: No.

To the Editor, Greetings!

Although our views may differ on some subjects your paper is “numero uno” on my list. It causes one to think and question.

In the search for these answers, one becomes involved; everyone should be involved. Thanks to my friends for the subscription and thanks to your paper. Keep the word coming.

Anyone who would write a lonely marine in Vietnam, I’m waiting to hear from you.

All Power to the People.

Pfc. Art Boguslaski
1st 8″ Mow, Btry. (SP)
FPO San Francisco, Calif. 96002

Dear Sir:

Just recently one of my friends introduced me to your paper. I really dig the articles and content of your paper.

After reading it, I will definitely see that it is circulated through the ranks. With our friends on the outside pushing and us “captives”, I’m sure we will make ourselves and our demands known!

An Insider
Smith Vietnam

Dear Judie Davis:

I think the secret (of cooking good ribs) is half way between Geri Robinson and the Editors.

Cook ribs slowly over low coals for about an hour, turning 3 or 4 times. Then either build up the fire or lower the cooking rack. Begin basting with sauce to which additional oil has been added to keep ribs from drying out. Continue basting and cooking and turning for about another half hour to 45 minutes.

If you make your own mayonnaise for your potato salad there will be no danger of it being rancid. I use 2/3 very fine oil and 1/3 vegetable oil—so easy!

Enjoy your column. ABOLISH PLASTIC FOOD!

Eleanor Haroldson

Following is the text of a letter printed as a photocopy on the Letters page of the original print edition:




Reply to/Attn. of: ICECCR

Subject: Letter of Admonition

To: A1C Theodore J. Goldflies, AP11758591
1st Civil Engineering Squadron
Selfridge AFB, MI 48045

1. It has been brought to my attention that you may be engaged in the distribution within the limits of Selfridge AFB, Michigan, of two or more newspapers, particularly the “Ally” and the “Fifth Estate,” which are published by persons and groups which promote disloyalty by attacking the military and political leadership and Governmental structure of the United States. The distribution of such publications upon a military reservation or by military personnel constitutes a clear danger to military loyalty, discipline, and morale and therefore cannot be permitted to continue.

2. You are hereby admonished that your participation in the distribution of such publications would constitute conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline in-the Armed Forces in violation of Article 134, UCMJ, and as such would make you subject to disciplinary action. You are hereby directed to refrain from distributing any publication either on or off Selfridge AFB without my express permission.

3. You will acknowledge receipt of this communication within 48 hours by indorsement hereon.