Rocky’s Rum Trip


Fifth Estate # 83, July 10-23, 1969

Cover image, Issue 83, July 10-23, 1969 - Fifth Estate Magazine. Graphic shows photo of a smiling Nelson Rockefeller superimposed on a map of South America. See text in article "Rocky's Rum Trip."HONDURAS: turmoil unleashed, one student demonstrator killed

COSTA RICA: 2,000 students demonstrated

PANAMA: National Guard on duty

COLOMBIA: 20,000-man special security force tried to control student strikes and heavy street fighting

ECUADOR: ten striking students killed by police…Rocky’s car nearly overturned

PERU: after confiscating Rocky’s oil holdings, the government barred him from entering the country

BOLIVIA: 22-hour visit cut short to three hours in the airport under heavy guard

PARAGUAY: Rocky embraced by dictator Stroessner, while demonstrators burned U.S. flag

CHILE: nationwide strikes and demonstrations forced government to cancel Rocky’s visit

CUBA: first free territory of America…Rockefeller couldn’t come here even if he wanted to

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Standard Oil refinery blown up

VENEZUELA: students seized university buildings…street fighting with small arms and rocks…Rocky’s visit cancelled due to nationwide protests

BRAZIL: thousands of people arrested to prevent demonstrations…press censorship eliminates anti-U.S. articles

URUGUAY: General Motors plant burned down, $1,000,000 loss…Rocky’s visit moved to Punta del Este under tight security

ARGENTINA: Nine Rockefeller-owned supermarkets bombed and burned, $3,000,000 loss, nationwide labor strike…one student demonstrator killed by police…tear gas used to disperse crowds of people