Are these our children?


Fifth Estate # 84, July 24-August 6, 1969

Are these our children? Cartoon shows 2 cops and a group of campus protesters. Thinking that these may be their kids, one cop says to the other, "We might as well leave, Fred."
“We might as well leave, Fred.”

Not many of us are fortunate enuf to have parents like the above.

For a book directed at (against) the establishment & the reaction, Tuli Kupferberg is seeking info about young people with ideas radically different from their families: case histories of the generation gap. For example: at the last great Pentagon demo, the daughter of Gen. Hershey’s first assistant was arrested. “A colonel’s son was arrested in Lawrence, Kansas, for parading in front of the local draft board with a sign reading: “Fuck the Draft.” An admiral’s son is a member of the Cornell resistance. Sen. McGovern’s daughter has been busted for dope, &c &c. (He is looking for people in all branches of the establishment, not just the military: i.e., in industry, finance, government, education, &c.)

Do a good turn (your parents in). Info about anyone, even second or third hand, friends, news articles, &c, is wanted.

Send all info to:

Tuli Kupferberg
381 East 10 Street
NY, NY 10009, USA

Other papers please copy