Fifth Estate # 86, August 21-September 3, 1969

UNCLASSIFIEDS cost 50 cents per line per issue. Figure four words per line. (A word is a word including one and two letter words. A phone number is a word. Street numbers are words. Abbreviations should be sensible. DISCOUNT RATES: Five runs cost 35 cents per line.

Amazing opportunity for starting and operating your own successful small business. Free details: B&W Enterprises, P.O. Box 9175F. Boston, Mass. 02114.

Girls looking for a good time, call Mike at KE7-8659 anytime

Detroit chapter now forming. Write the Sexual Freedom League. Box 8205 Harper Station, Det. 48213 or call 53400346 from 10 am to 3 pm.

Girls needed for nude photos. Write 4508 Seyburn, male has apartment, wishes to share with female, $8 wk., 895-1215.

Eastside girls—young man looking for good time. Prefer uninhibited, own apartment. Call Tiger, 755-0346, 6-7 pm.

Bob I.—I want you. Christa.

Sex partner wanted for blond young businessman, females only utmost discretion. P.O. Box 2621 Detroit, 48231.

(IN)FAMOUS RON COBB Posters from the Underground best artist and political cartoonist. There are only two: “Remember Uncle Tom says Only you can prevent Ghetto Fires!” 23×35″ and “L.A. Earthquake,” 24×28″ Both in full color. $2.50 each, both $4.50 postpaid. Coming soon—new Cobb book, “Raw—Sewage.” Free catalogue, Sawyer Press. P.O. Box 46-653, Los Angeles, 90046.

Young couple wishes to meet swinging bi-girls and bi-guys for fun. No phonies need to answer. Photo and phone no. a must. Write P.O. Box 692, Roseville, Mi. 48066.

A head in fucken’ Nam, chicks write, I will. Sp/4 Kolakowski, Co.A., 3/12 Div., APO San Francisco, Ca. 96265

Love can be aggressive but to hell with war. Peace to you beautiful people out there. I love Becky.—Jim.

Seek intellectual male companionship. Am well-traveled and much wizened in the ways of the world. Call eves. 646-8640. Guatama.

New magazine to come out of Detroit Teenage Death-Lust, wants your creations: art, poetry articles, stories, photography, general insanity. Also need stenographers, typists. Send inquiries, letters, manuscripts to Dave Watson, c/o Fifth Estate, 1107 W. Warren. Det. 48201.

French Ticklers! 95 cents each, 3$2.50, 7-$5. (sold as novelty only) F. Kaleda, Box 134-fg, Kent, Ohio 44240.

Rock n rollers—get speaker cabinets like the UP, Stooges, MC5, Teagarden and Vanwinkle, and the Wilson Mower Pursuit use—and save money. We build to any manufacturers or custom design including the new Electro-Voice TB-1 and Eliminators. UP Rock and Roll Radiators, 761-3552, 1520 Hill st. Ann Arbor.

VINYL LIFE SIZE DOLL 5’2″, 40-20-40. Brochures 25 cents. Hobbycraft, 7—10th Street, Greer, South Carolina, 29651

Married male 28 wishes to meet married or single women for afternoon dates. Utmost discretion contact me at P.O. Box 2242, Livonia 48150

Attention! Girls, horny marine wishes to correspond with same if not heavy in making love, do not write. Maurice Davis, 2421222 Hq. Btry., 3rd Bn., 12th Marines, 3rd Marine Div., FPO San Francisco, Ca. 96602.

Last chance this issue to donate a much-needed dictaphone to Detroit’s only underground paper on West Warren. Call Bill at 831-6800.

Male wants male visitors, Box 613, Flint, Mich. 48501.

Self-employed bachelor age 47 wants women for swinging dates. Call Albert, 368-0530, 11 am to 11 pm.

’63 Tempest, low mileage, one owner, reasonable. 831-2010.

Help wanted—accounting student to assist overworked bright talented but humble tax accountant. Unbelievable wages. Call BillF.E. office, 831-6800.

Bill S.—Thanks much.—Rowe.

Straight & gay underground news 4 different underground papers a month for 6 months—$10, 3 months—$6. Sample pack—$3. “1776” Supply Co., 217 W. 18 St., No. 620, NYC 10011.

Anti-draft? Giant Uncle Sam anti-draft dart target board plus darts/ 4 sq feet, color, intro-offer, $2 each. Top-Sin, Box 6532 Long Beach, Ca. 90815.

Nutmeg, snuffs and other little known highs. How to use and prepare them with details on their mind-bending effect. Rush $3 for your high to See Side, Box 1469, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90213.

Sandals that fit forever—$15-$16 a pair. John Stoddard, old sandal maker from the hills of Penn. fits each foot individually and guarantees his work to last at least 5 years. Also leather vests, pants, etc.—Ask for Frank, 7613552, Ann Arbor.

The Detroit Anti-War Coalition is setting up an office, needs furniture, office supplies, etc. If you have anything which would be useful in an office, please call 873-4508 or 975-3333.

3 young swinging (20-23) bachelors wish to meet many (or any) swinging young girls (18-?) Call 571-3464.

Keep your hands and eyes off “Liberal Young Male.”

Peace from the Green Grass State Ron.

Gibson solid body bass, two pickups, $200, 626-4579.

Dear Vicki, I hid in one of Roberta’s suitcases. One she didn’t bring. See you some other time. Eric.

Patti, forget them other guys. When Uncle Sam is through with me I’ll be back. Remember 276 days. I need you. Jim.

Wanted female, 20-40 years old. College graduate interested in marriage. Write Richard Little, 2619 Marlboro Dr., Toledo, Ohio 43609.

Want to sell Framus bass, good condition, $120. Call 474-5433.

Physic and astral development group meets nightly except Tues. Sincere enquiries only. Phone: 646-8640, Mingyar.

Beverly, I never got your letter, Vince.

’64 Honda 90 with two helmets. Handyman’s dream. $70. 8727983.

One slightly used merkin, color grey. Good condition. Cheap. Phone after 6 pm. 548-8462.

Suburban male seeks swinger friends. Call Stuart, 5-8 pm, or after midnight. 534-0346.

Girls, French male would also like to date your mate. Must be neat and discreet. No Box numbers.please. Occupant, Box 225, Centerline, Mich.

People who owe money to Brother SKIP & sister KATHIE, Cooper. Please send it off to them they are in need of it. Important. 145 Broderick St. San Francisco, Ca. 94117.

Young Negro male seeks girls for daytime love. Send photo & how to get in touch to: Craig Rte 130, Box 130, North End Station, Det. Mich. 48201

Sharp aggressive female wishes to meet passive male. Call 12 to 7, CL5-2465.

The White Panthers of Jackson Heights, N.Y. live. Power, Love, Hair, Dope, fuckin, and rock, to the people—Barney & Fredda.

Your own groovy black lite photos. Red, yellow, green 8x10s, $1.50, 8x5s, $1.25 Send negative. P.O.Box 6453, Detroit Mich. 48234.

Gay male books, magazines, movies, FREE catalogues. Trojan, Box 2121-H, Phila., Pa.