Argus busted


Fifth Estate # 87, September 4-17, 1969

FLASH! As we go to press, word has reached us that brother Ken Kelley, editor of the Ann Arbor Argus, has been busted for “distributing obscene and lascivious material.”

The offending material is in the August 13 issue of our sister underground paper that showed a picture of Ann Arbor councilman James Stephenson holding what appears to be a superimposed drawing of a male cock in his hands. He has a broad grin on his face.

This political parody came as a result of Stephenson’s remark at a recent council meeting that, “A typical picture in the Argus shows the male genital in a discernibly turgid state.” What does that all mean? Anyways, the Argus didn’t want to disappoint the councilman so they plopped a turgid member right in his hands.

Kelley (the Ann Arbor One) said this is a political bust, but “they’re too dishonest to admit it.”

The Argus has been instrumental in exposing the incompetence and brutality of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s office and the local power structure has been looking to shut the paper down.

However, rather than close up, Kelley plans to use the bust to further show the people of Ann Arbor what “their” government is up to.

“We are going to turn my trial into a circus,” he told the Fifth Estate. More details next issue.