Curious? forget it


Fifth Estate # 87, September 4-17, 1969

[by R. Fleck, Little Nancy Goodvibes & Alfie]

What’s worse than watching Walt Disney’s version of Winnie the Pooh? Sitting through “I Am Curious Yellow.” At least Disney is a goof for the kids.

Drawn by the press’s public publicity, the over and under-40s righteously attended their first opportunity to legally dig a skin-flick and feel “real arty” at the same time. Poor fools. Shucked again.

For the movie is really very poor. Contemporary Sweden is held up to satire a la “Candy” laced with barbs at pacifism, all set in a weak plot that tries to be profoundly vague by randomly including the whole production crew at work on the film.

As renowned film critic Wayne County Prosecutor William L. Cahalan clearly stated, “I am distressed that as the prosecutor and father of seven children that some members of society would see fit to traffic in this type of smut.”

Right on Bill. That means another few thousand swingers will be happily taken in, despite efforts from Highland Park

Mayor Robert Blackwell who came up with more straightforward criticism designed to shame the public into awareness. “The love scenes were raw, raw pornography. There wouldn’t be any question about it in my opinion.” Halleleuja!

One point just keeps hangin’ us up. You see, both esteemed gentlemen of our guvamint have labeled this flick as a specifically bad kind of smut or pornography Now, that implies a comparison. Well, then, hrumph—just how would these dudes have anything to use as a comparison?

So if you wanna see some skin, go se( a real skin flick that makes no flimsy pretentions. If you wanna see a good movie go see “Easy Rider.”