Events Calendar


Fifth Estate # 87, September 4-17, 1969

(in cooperation with Detroit Adventure)

Thurs. Sept. 4

ON A BUMMER? If your head is really messed up, or you want the army to think so, let Open City help with free psych counselling at their clinic, 4726 Third, corner Forest. 6-8 p.m.

CUTGLASS AND ITS COUSINS An exciting gallery talk on cutglass and its family, given by Mrs. Horton at the Detroit Historical Museum. 3:30 p.m. Free

Fri. Sept. 5

BLUES NIGHT AT MEADOWBROOK Groove to an outasight evening of great blues with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and The Steve Miller Band. Bring a blanket if you plan to lay on the grass. 7:30 p.m. Adm. $4.00.

WHY DON’T WE DO IT IN THE STADIUM? U of D Pop Concert. All the action takes place outside in the stadium with Cat Mother, Stooges, Frost, Bob Seeger, and The Wilson Mower Pursuit. It starts at 8 pm. There will also be a “trippy” light show. Tickets are $3.00 and may be purchased at the door. (Warning: This is a Kramer-Ray Production.)

ALBINO BLUES WITH JOHNNY WINTERS at the Grande Ballroom. The Skye will also play. Be sure and come hear Winters play his farout blues. Adm. $4.50. Grand River at Beverly.

THE THIRD POWER and The Stuart Avery Assemblege get down to Something Different for a night filled with music, old-time flics and popcorn. 12 Mile Road and Northwestern.

FOLK DANCING For those of you who enjoy folk dancing, come down to the International Institute at 111 E. Kirby at 8 pm. It’s Free.

Sat. Sept. 6

SOME OF THAT GOOD OLD ROCK ‘N ROLL With Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. Both given the same time to outplay the other, which should prove to be quite Heavy! Cobo Hall 8:30 pm Tickets are: $3.50, $4.50, and $5.50.

OLD CAR FESTIVAL. More than 300 antique automobiles vintage 1896-1925 will be on display for you antique car freaks. All this excitement goes on at Greenfield Village all day.

FOURTH ANNUAL LAFAYETTE PARK ART FAIR. All sorts of neat things happening in Lafayette Park. Art exhibits including paintings, pottery and weaving; Mexican food (for double the regular price), glass blowing, children’s events; flea market and flower market. Orleans and Lafayette Street. Noon till 6 pm.

JOHNNY WINTERS in a rare appearance at The Grande Ballroom. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Winters at his best in a blues style that is completely his own. The Skye will also play. Adm. is $4.50. Grand River at Beverly.

DANCE TO THE MUSIC at Something Different with the Rumors and the Geyda. Old-time flics in between groups. 12 Mile Road and Northwestern Hwy. in Southfield.

THE THIRD POWER and the Brownsville Station make it up to Silverbell for mountain-top music. You can make it up there too if you take I-75 to Lapeer exit then just find Bald Mountain Road.

Sun. Sept. 7

FOURTH ANNUAL LAFAYETTE PARK ART FAIR continues with art exhibits, including paintings, pottery and weaving; Mexican food, a flea market and flower market. Fun for the kiddies too cause there are special children’s events. This is the final day of the Fair so don’t miss it. Noon till 6 pm. Orleans and Lafayette Street.

OLD CAR FREAKS. If you like old antique cars (300 of them), you’ll dig the car festival at Greenfield Village. All day long.

Mon. Sept. 8

JUDGE CROCKETT, King of the Wild Frontier will speak at Oakland Community College, Orchard Lake Road and I-696. Free. Room J-303.

FIXIN TO DIE? There’s still hope if you go to Open City Free Medical Clinic at 4726 Third, corner Forest between 6-8 pm.

Tues. Sept. 9

THE LONELY CROWD, film and discussion with Rev. J. Harold Ellens. Oakland Community College at the Orchard Ridge Commons Bldg., 8:30 pm.

FREE PSYCH COUNSELLING at the Open City Clinic at 4726 Third, corner Forest. 6-8 pm.

AN ENGLISHMAN LOOKS AT AMERICAN CINEMA, A Free public lecture by Paddy Whannel Mr. Whannel will give a new perspective on the reasons why America is still the undisputed pace-setter in film production. 7 pm. Henry Ford Library in Dearborn.

Wed. Sept. 10

TEA TIME. THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE is having a tea party and lecture on “Brushing up on antiques,” with Mrs. Helen Barton. All it takes to gain admittance is a donation of an antique. 1 pm. at 111 E. Kirby.

FEEL LIKE HOMEMADE SHIT; Come down to the Open City Clinic and let the medics there fix you up. 6-8 pm. 4726 Third Street corner Forest.

THE GREAT RACE WITH TONY CURTIS will be shown for free at Oakland Community College, 7 pm. There is only one catch, you must either go with someone who has an OCC ID card or borrow one from a friend.

Thurs. Sept. 11

AH, CULTURE. If you’re the bourgeois type who doesn’t care how much it costs to get a little culture, this is for you. Detroit Adventure’s tour to Minneapolis and St. Paul, visiting Minneapolis Inst. of Art, the theatre, and many other points of interest. September 11-14. Only $140 per person, covers air fare, hotel, theatre, For more info call 577-2330.

DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, with Sixten Ehrling conducting. Opening night Ford Auditorium 8:30 pm.

FREE PSYCHIATRIC COUNSELLING for all of you freeks who are in need of it. Come down to Open City Clinic, 4726 Third. 6-8 pm.

FOUR “OTHER IDEAS” ARTISTS: Robert Cumming, Royce Dendler, Georg EttI, Charles Santon—talk about their work. Moderator: Samuel Wagstaff. Lecture Hall, Detroit Inst. of Arts. Free 8 pm.

Fri. Sept. 12

BLOW UP. What’s a movie like this doing at a place like Marygrove College? Well, it’s a good movie that you shouldn’t miss if you haven’t already seen it. Library Lecture Hall, 6:30 pm. Adm. charge.

ROCKIN’ AND ROLLIN’ with The Brownsville Station and a little circus music with the Floating Circus at Something Different. 12 Mile and Northwestern Hwy.

GRANDE BALLROOM info must be obtained by calling the magic number: 834-9348.

Sat. Sept. 13

FROST MUSIC and the Floating Circus play at Silverbell up on Bald Mountain. Take I-75 to Lapeer exit, then find Bald Mt. Road.

THE THIRD POWER and The Geyda do their thing at Something Different. 12 Mile and Northwestern Hwy.

GOOD FOLK MUSIC and a nice coffeehouse atmosphere at THE ABSOLUTE ZERO. Located at 388 N. Woodward. $1.50.

THE DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA in concert at Ford Aud. Sixten Ehrling will do the conducting. 8:30 pm.

GRANDE BALLROOM. Uncle Russ didn’t leave word as to who it would be this weekend. Just call the tape recording and uncover the mystery once again. 834-9348.

Sun. Sept. 14

HARD ROCK GOSPEL with the Rance Allen Singers (who have been signed by Capitol Records) at the Unitarian-Universalist Church. 25301 Halstead Road, Farmington. 10:00 am.

DUO PIANISTS: Stecker and Horowitz in concert. At Mercy College in the Macauley Aud. 8 pm.

EUROPE’S FABULOUS RIVIERAS, film narrated by Frank McGinnic, at Ford Aud. 8 pm.

Mon. Sept. 15

DANCE WORKSHOP. Sept. 15-19. Conducted by Harriet Berg. Special workshops in technique and improvisation for dancers and students. Oakland Community College, Orchard Ridge Commons Bldg. For more info, call 642-6211.

BLUE MONDAY? Feeling down and out? Let Open City cure you of your aches and pains for Free. 4726 Third, corner of Forest. 6-8 pm.

Tues. Sept. 16

FREE PSYCHIATRIC COUNSELLING at the Open City Clinic. 6-8 pm.

THE LONELY CROWD, film and discussion with Rev. J. Ellens, Oakland Community College, Orchard Ridge Commons Bldg. 8:30 pm.

APA FALL FESTIVAL Sept. 16-Oct. 26. Presenting 3 new plays. Sponsored by U of M Prof. Theatre. Mendelssohn Theatre. Ann Arbor 8:00 pm.

Wed. Sept. 17

WORK FOR PEACE General open membership meeting for the Peace Coalition at the Central Methodist Church, Woodward and Grand Circus Park. Guest speakers will include regional organizers from the New Mobilization Committee, and others. All persons who are interested in working for peace should attend. 8 pm.

FREE MEDICAL HELP for anyone who needs it at the Open City Clinic. 6-8 pm.



TREASURES OF THE HENRY FORD MUSEUM 40th Anniversary Exhibition. Henry Ford Museum thru Sept. 7.

ANNUAL SUMMER STUDENT EXHIBITION, best works from all departments. Galleries Cranbrook Academy of Art thru Sept. 14.

WOODLAND INDIANS. Kresge Exhibit Hall, Det. Hist. Museum. thru Sept. 28.

EMILIO GRECO, prints and lithographs. Univ. of Windsor Gallery, Windsor thru September.

COLLECTOR’S CORNER: Cutglass and It’s Cousins. Kresge Hallway. Det. Hist. Museum thru October.


CHALLENGE OF SPACE (NASA Exhibit). Industrial Hall. Det. Hist. Museum.


CONTEMPORARY ABSTRACT KINETICS AND COLLAGES. Robert Thom Gallery, 251 Merrill. Birmingham, thru September

DETROIT OF THE COMMON MAN: An Artist reflects 40 years of changing Detroit, works by John Gelsavage. Round Hall, Det. Hist. Museum.

RUTH WEISBERG, intaglio prints and oils; Sept. 7-25. The Lantern Gallery, Inc. at 301 N. Main Street, Ann Arbor.

Joe BULONE, sculpture. Little Gallery 915 E. Maple, Birmingham. Tues-Sat. 11 am thru 6 pm Sept. 7 thru Oct. 12.

CALDER, an exhibition of sculptures, graphics, gouaches and water colors. London Arts Gallery, 321 Fisher Bldg. Mon-Sat. 10 am-6 pm. Sept. 8-Oct. 4.

MORRIS BROSE, new sculpture. Gertrude Kasle Gallery, 310 Fisher Bldg. Sept. 10-Oct. 2

OTHER IDEAS, 100 new forms in plastic, cloth, wood, moving plywood, rubber, steel, TV sets, earth, lead, copper, air, water and other groovies. South Wing, Det. Inst. of Arts. Sept. 10-Oct. 19.

GROUP SHOW OF SELECTED DETROIT ARTISTS Watercolors and oils. AAA Gallery, 2805 Grand River Sept. 14-Nov. 15

DRAWINGS BY ELIHU VEDDER. Det. Inst. of Arts. Vignettes of Life in Italy and France before 1900. Free

MEXICAN PAINTER ALDECOA, plus many more new works. International Art Center, 132 Madison. Thru September.

THE ART OF THE POSTER. From Toulouse-Lautrec to Peter Max. 40 examples of the art form enjoying unprecedented popularity today, with some historical antecedents. Det. Inst. of Art. South Wing. Free. Thru Sept. 7.


HORIZON, presented by the Greenfield Village Players. Henry Ford Theatre. 8:30 pm. Sept. 1,5,10.

SHENANDOAH presented at Henry Ford Museum Theatre. 8:30 pm. Sept. 2, 6, 11.

DAVY CROCKETT presented at Henry Ford Theatre. 8:30 pm. Sept. 3, 8, 12.

TRIP TO CHINATOWN. Henry Ford Theatre. 8:30 pm. Sept. 4, 9, 13.

SPOFFARD, comedy hit with Hans Conried. Fisher Theatre. Mon-Sat. 8:30 pm. Sun. 7:30 pm. Sept. 8-30.


FOLKSINGER RON CODEN entertains at the Raven Gallery, thru Sept. 28. Greenfield Road just North of 12 Mile.

CHUCK MITCHELL entertains at the Chessmate thru Sept. 14. Livernois at 6 Mile Road.


SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION? See IF at the Studio North. Woodward at Nine Mile Road.

MIDNIGHT COWBOY at the Studio 8, Greenfield at 8 Mile Shopping Center.

I AM CURIOUS YELLOW at the 6 Mile in Highland Park.


DETROIT DRAFT COUNSELLING CENTER at The Central Methodist Church. Woodward and Adams. 6-10 pm. Sundays.

DETROIT RESISTANCE at 31 King Street 6-10 pm. Tues. evenings. Phone: 874-4334.