Fifth Estate # 87, September 4-17, 1969

A.F. Kooks

The Air Force admitted in a recent hearing that at least three men with dangerous psychiatric problems had been assigned to guard a super-secret nuclear weapons installation at Hamilton Air Force Base, 25 miles south of San Francisco.

The instability of the guards came out it a preliminary hearing for one of them, Sgt. Robert V. Ballou. He is accused of going berserk with a loaded carbine on the base and holding a loaded gun at the head of another officer.

Of the other two guards, one is now in a psychiatric ward and the other has been discharged from the service.

Sgt. Ballou’s civilian attorney, Robert Carrow said, “It scares hell out of me. It’s Like Dr. Strangelove.”

Really and remember what happened it the end of that movie!

Barb Clean

BERKELEY, Calif. (LNS)—An obscenity charge leveled against the ex-publisher of the Berkeley Barb, Max Scherr, was thrown out of Berkeley Municipal Court by Judge George Brunn.

Max was charged with obscenity for publishing a photo of the MC5 engaged in groping a young unidentified groupie.

But the judge said that the issue of obscenity “is to be determined by viewing the product as a whole and not by examining isolated sections of it.”

Breakfast Program

The Jefferies Action Committee has begun a Breakfast for Children program in that west side housing project.

A statement issued by the group states: “How can we expect our children to develop into strong, brave, intelligent black leaders if they have to concentrate on their empty stomachs instead of their books?”

They are asking for donations to help upgrade the poor state of education for inner city children. Besides monetary donations, food stuffs suitable for breakfast foods are urgently needed.

If you can help, contact the Committee at 3520 Gibson, Bldg. 401, Detroit 48201, or phone 833-0575 or 833-4269.

Happy Jack

by Bill Rowe

“Arrest me,” said happy Jack as he revealed three joints, coupla’ tabs of speed and a billy club. This all took place at the narc bureau at Detroit Police headquarters, August 7.

Jack Rose, a millionaire suburban home builder with a previous criminal record (went to jail rather than pay alimony), wishes to test laws on dope, pills and billy clubs, all of which he considers “suppressive and hypocritical.”

When approached by the Fifth Estate for an interview, happy Jack declined, on the basis that he opposes “most” of the paper’s stands on current issues. In any event, we wish him luck.

GI Papers

In the last issue of this newspaper a Marine in Vietnam published an unclassified ad which read, “You can eat the apple, but you can’t fuck the core.”

Mrs. Dianna Johansen, of Detroit wrote to tell us that her husband, an active duty Marine “has a different point of view.”

He publishes an attractive “journal of GI dissent” called Eat the Apple (ETA). It’s free to Marines from ETA, Box 36, Detroit 48221.

Another GI paper that has sprung up is The New GI published by anti-war soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas. It also is free to servicemen from P.O. Box 704, Killeen, Texas 76541.

Both of these publications are available to civilians for a donation.