Fifth Estate Goes Electric

From the WABX/Fifth Estate News Editor


Fifth Estate # 89, October 2-15, 1969

As a public service, the Fifth Estate will present eight times daily, newscasts on WABX, Detroit’s contemporary radical FM station.

With a little help from our friends, the broadcasts will be a success. We are asking for high school and college students in all areas served by WABX (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Jackson, East Lansing, Flint, Port Huron and Toledo) to phone all newsworthy items to the Fifth Estate office (831-6800).

The first two weeks of the newscasts featured on-the-spot coverage of the Chicago 8 conspiracy trial with reports phoned to WABX by Fifth Estate correspondents. The SDS demonstration was covered live by a Fifth Estate cub reporter.

Any suggestions, comments and any other correspondence should be directed to the Fifth Estate office.