Better Living Through Lying

"President" Dave Valler is talking.


Fifth Estate # 90, October 16-29, 1969

As a result of Valler’s eagerness to switch rather than fight, John Sinclair, Pun Plamondon and Jack Forrest have been indicted on Federal bombing conspiracy charges.

In addition, Pun has been charged with the physical act of dynamiting government property, or, as the pigs so revealingly put it, “…injure property of the United States….”

As of this writing, the state is no doubt rejoicing at the prospect of putting away three of the most effective brothers we have.

John, already serving a 9-1/2 to ten year sentence is obviously the target of a desperate attempt to contain his energy, keep it off the streets and apart from his people.

Pun, currently at large, has enough between these most recent two counts and the three dope charges already against him to put him on the cold side of parallel bars for a lifetime.

Jack has other counts against him too, as well as a broken leg and pneumonia.

Anytime the state feels threatened, somebody pays the price. Most often, those who bear the brunt of the persecution are those who constitute the most visible threat.

The fact that John has been so uncompromisingly supported nationally makes his figure, his magic, even more threatening to our enemies than they were on the street. The Man is still confusing the revolution with its symbols and as the revolution grows, its symbols pay a mounting price for that confusion.

The indictment itself names the three as defendants, and while Valler’s name is mentioned as a co-conspirator, he is not a defendant. In fact, he is the prosecution’s star witness.

Specifically, the document alleges that John and Valler “on or about Sept. 7, 1968 held a conversation at the first Unitarian Universalist Church, 4605 Cass Avenue, Detroit, Michigan.”

“On or about September 14, 1968… Lawrence Robert ‘Pun’ Plamondon and David Joseph Valler had a meeting at the Detroit offices of the ‘Fifth Estate’ 1107 West Warren, Detroit, Michigan.”

It is obvious that this indictment is an open-choke shotgun blast at all the state despises and fears, this paper included.

The lies continue… “On or about September 24, 1968… John Waterhouse Forrest and David Joseph Valler supplied a quantity of dynamite to Lawrence ‘Pun’ Plamondon.”

“On or about Sept. 29, 1968… Lawrence ‘Pun’ Plamondon placed and caused the placing of a quantity of dynamite outside the offices of the Central Intelligence Agency, 450 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan.”

“On or about Oct. 6… Lawrence Robert ‘Pun’ Plamondon and David Joseph Valler held a conversation at 1510 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan.”

The absolute clincher is count two: “On or about September 29, 1968…Lawrence Robert ‘Pun’ Plamondon, defendant herein, willfully and by means of dynamite, did injure, and cause to be injured, property of the United States, that is, office equipment, furniture, and supplies, thereby causing damage in excess of $100.00…”


Valler himself, deranged acidhead that he was, did the bombing.

Valler coordinated and conceived the whole operation which is precisely why he is not named as a defendant. If he were, the state could have no hope of keeping John, Jack and Pun in the same courtroom.

Valler must be seen for what he is: not some poor kid gone daft in the hands of the pigs, but a pig himself. His eagerness to be of use to the state—and thereby deflect the heat he brought down on his own head—knows no bounds.

If the pigs expressed an interest in his mother, he’d turn her out before they could get their flys down.

Julius Lester has written “… anyone who involves himself in the revolutionary struggle must recognize that, of course, the state is going to beat, jail and kill those who are opposing it. That is as natural as water being wet….”

True. Those who are shocked to find that the water is indeed wet can perhaps be understood. The system disguises itself so elaborately that most of us are stunned by the teeth behind its practiced grin.

This is something we must resolve within ourselves. Our commitments must be accompanied by a realization of the price we will pay. Ignorance of the truth is no excuse.

For “President Dave” there is no excuse at all. The day will come when he, when all pigs, will have to face the people.

We are all conspirators. Now and forevermore, the UNIVERSE is in conspiracy against all that which obstructs freedom.

Blaming John Sinclair won’t change anything.



See “President Dave Oinks,” this issue (FE #90, October 16-29, 1969).