Attention Vendors


Fifth Estate # 91, October 30-November 12, 1969

Bring the Fifth Estate to Washington as you march to bring the troops home. The Fifth Estate will have an increased press run of our issue scheduled to come out right before the next days of protest against the war. It will be available to vendors about noon on Wednesday, Nov. 13 from our office at 1107 W. Warren. The cost to vendors is 10 cents per copy and can be sold at the actions here for 20 cents and in Washington for a quarter.

During the Oct. 15 Moratorium one vendor sold over 400 papers by herself. The same possibilities exist for the rallies and demonstrations planned for the 13th and 14th. Up to a million persons are expected to be in Washington on the 15th and papers will sell there like acid at Woodstock. So come and get ’em. See you in Washington.