Fifth Estate # 91, October 30-November 12, 1969

UNCLASSIFIEDS cost 50 cents per line per issue. Figure four words per line. (A word is a word including one and two letter words. A phone number is a word. Street numbers are words.) Abbreviations should be sensible. DISCOUNT RATES: Five runs cost 35 cents per line.

Kevin-remember the real cool time we had at Benedictine? Call me. If you don’t have my number, run an ad. Pam.

Happy birthday Toronto Joe, from your Kosmic Kousins Dan and Sherry.

Our march in Detroit won’t mean anything unless all of us make it to Washington 11/15/69.

Gay radical, 27, wants to meet same 18 to 30. Masc. only. Box 631- A. Detroit, 48232

Todd Bait. Debra Waldeck, call home and let your family know you’re OK. Or call the Open City switchboard.

Karen McCumber please call Judy at 882-2813 or Open City.

Reba Jones—Mother worried Please contact. TO5-6000.

Dave & Leslie May you live and love forever and ever and always.

Need financial backer for book, Ways of “That” Proof no God, have publisher, S. Lock, 675 Brainard. Detroit.

Mike Anchov, we miss you at the clinic. Where are you? Your friends.

Degataga is the dragon-slayer.

Liz loves & misses Glemisi.

SEXUAL FREEDOM. new quarterly publ of the Sexual Freedom League. $1.00 SFL, Box 14034, FE, San Francisco 94114.

Astrology charts done (natal or otherwise). Send your name, place, time & date of birth; & $2 to Alan Jacquemotte, 4545 Cooley Lake Road, Milford MI

WCBN—650—Ann Arbor. Support Student radio. It Supports you.

Stop the fucking war!

Candy, Ford Grad., desire very much to contact for reacquaint. Please write Bruce, 210 Mich., W. Quad. Ann Arbor, Mich.

Happy couple that likes sex together would like to try it “together” with another couple! Phone and photo if possible. Box 144. Troy, Mich. 48084.

Attn. All sharp single or married girls. Would you like a good looking, clean cut, well endowed, “safe” guy to make love to you? Please call me soon. 561-0167.

Sexy black seeks sexy lesbians. Box 8173 Harper Station, Det.

Male would like to be massaged by female. Weekly. Box 12, Allen Park.

Short, fat bald 43 yr. male, wants quiet, unassuming girl 21 to 45 for deerhunting and weekends in the country. PO Box 332, Hamburg. Mich.

Male, white, 52, 5 feet 7 inches, college, desires meet females under forty, will marry one, for dates. Write Stan, 675 Brainard, Apt. 104. Det.

Lonely, black, multi-faceted, poly-rhythmical, creative, energy-driven drummer/pianist/singer/ composer in Sly and the Family Stone type bag looking for others (male and female) of similar inclinations to form new, experimental, liberated music grp incorporating classical, soul and heavy-rock tendencies. Write Vince, Box 9514, N. End Station Detroit 48202.

French Ticklers! 95 cents each, 3-$2.50, 7-$5. (sold as novelty only) F. Kaleda, Box 13441, Kent, Ohio 44240.

Wholesale ‘only. Leather hats, vests, bags, pouches, and sandals. Large wire frame glasses. Jobbers and distributors inquire at Platt Mfg. Co. 424 So. Los Angeles St. L.A. Cal. Phone 628-1205.

“Bandwagon” Do your thing! 66 pass bus, good cond. New eng. No seats, all set for carpet and paneling. $600 or best offer Will trade for what have ya. JB Productions, Box 3241, Pontiac, or FE2-5796 after 9.

Female sex mate wanted for sincere black virile, well-endowed mature lover. Rico 895-5588. 8 pm to 10 pm.

Bob, here’s somebody who cares. Keep the faith. Love, Rhonda.

From Chris and Carol at MSU Hi to Doug, Mike, Jay, Joe, Tom, and Mark of the old Grande

Generous white male engineer wants slim woman for swinging. St Clair Shores area. Leonard B. Box 7142, North End Station, Detroit 48202.

Here comes the winter, people will have to keep warm. Everybody must fuck, smoke dope, drink Boones Farm, cause the sacha is comin’.

Male wishes male visitors now. Box 613, Flint, Mich. 48501.

Would like to hear from chicks who dig folk music. PVT Robert Gine, US 54998533, Fort Sill Academy, Fort Sill Oklahoma 73503.

Keep the freedom birds flying to bring all heads from Vietnam back to the “world.” Wild will of Long Binh.

Grooving GI stationed in Vietnam, would like to hear from hep young females. Never receive mail and would appreciate receiving some. I dig the psychedelic scene. Write to Michael J. Moore, HHC 1st Bn, 22nd Inf, 4th Inf Div. APO San Francisco 96262.

Female sex mate wanted for young salesman. Any age, P.O. Box 2621, Detroit, Mich 48231.

Bachelor 29, would like girls for dates. Must like wild parties, motorcycles, have club house will travel. Call Bob after 7 pm. 862-7907.

Honeywell strobe for sale. Also speed graphic camera and assy. Call Jim Store 274-1064.

To Dennis the guy I love, and hope our lives together last forever. Love ya always- Lin.

Milwaukee’s Kaleidoscope is in trouble.

Paula. I love you. Happy Twentieth Artie.

Groovy male wishes correspondence. Those in Canada and Minn. please write. Box 577, International Falls, Minn 56649.

We ordain gifted people. Stamp brings information. Life Science Church, 2207 Cardinal Dr. Rolling Meadows, Ill., 60008.

Male 33 would like to hear from ladies 25-45. Very discreet. Call Charlie, 867-2918, 10 am-10 pm.

Young attractive couple looking for versatile girls for threesome. Satisfaction assured. Photo and phone. Box 105, Detroit.

Female figure models for legitimate photo club. $15 for 2 hour sessions. Tues. 8-10 pm. Phone. TE1-1250 days.

Canadian male wants to meet women 20-30 for dancing, traveling, good times. Photo and phone please. Frank Paul, 718 Windsor Dr., Windsor.

Mike, You’re far fucking out!

Black lite photos, 8x10s $1.00, Send negatives to p.o. box 6453, Detroit 48234.

Detroit chapter now forming. Write the Sexual Freedom League Box 8205 Harper Station, Det.

Male, well versed, attractive seeks tuned in female. Fun, discreet afternoon meetings. Uninvolved. Letter details, Box 903, Pontiac.

The Fifth Estate will pay a nifty commission to a responsible ad salesman. Please write or call Bill Rowe or Cathy West at the Fifth Estate for an appointment.

Girls needed for nude photos. Will subsidize. 873-7882.

If your thing French, exhibitionism or voyeurism? If so write for details. We need both sexes to make this work. So ladies, please don’t be shy. All replies confidential. Box 2212 Ft. DBN Sta., Dearborn, Mich 48123.

Wanted slender female, sense of humor, interested in marriage. Write P.O. Box 204, Windsor, Ontario.

St. Clair Enterprises—Psychedelic Products, wholesale 773-4520

Anti-draft? Giant Uncle Sam Anti-draft dart target board plus darts! 4 sq feet, color, intro-offer, $2 each. Top-Sin, Box 6532 Long Beach, Ca. 90815.

Identification cards: Send 25 cents &self-addressed envelope for samples & details to: E.C.S.F.E., P.O. Box 12101, Las Vegas, Ne. 89112.

Keep On Truckin Co-op needs VW eng., parts, bus or truck body or whatever else you have that we can use. Also, need couch, fold-out bed and chairs. Please call Fifth Estate office 831-6800.

Bachelor and puppy wish to share flat with neat, attractive young woman. Send brief personal description to SMI, Box 8278, Det., Mich. 48213.

To know me is to love me!