Fifth Estate # 92, November 13-26, 1969

Rolf Dietrich, the scourge of Plymouth, let loose a barrage of legal fireworks in pursuit of his damage suit against Plymouth officials for confiscating 15 Fifth Estates from him earlier in the year.

Dietrich says that he has won his suit by default when the defendants failed to appear on Nov. 6. A postponement had been ordered by Judge Richard Hammer, but Dietrich insists this was improper and that the defendants were required to appear.

According to court rules a judge calling a postponement must either file a written stipulation or cause shown upon oath. Neither appear on the court record.

Dietrich appeared in court and filed two motions; one was a request for a default judgment against the Plymouth officials being sued and the other to disqualify Judge Hammer. Dietrich says Hammer is prejudiced against him. The Court Clerk signed and accepted both motions.

To be continued of course.


See in this issue, “Plymouth pigs bust Dietrich,” FE #92, November 13-26, 1969.