Editors’ Notes


Fifth Estate # 92, November 13-26, 1969

We would like to apologize to any of our readers who were fooled by Mike Quatro’s ad in our paper for his Halloween Eve’s shuck at Olympia Stadium. The ad included a number of acts that had not been contracted and intimated that the show would go on as long as there were acts to perform, which of course didn’t happen.

It certainly was not our intention to cooperate with Quatro in the ruse he ran on the community and we will check closely with anything he is connected with in the future to insure its validity.

ERRATA: We hope no one has been planning his November days around the dates listed on our back page calendar in the last issue. While the artwork was groovy, the dates correspond to a month in another dimension. Disregard them.

The Oct. 15th Moratorium photos in the last issue were done by Colin Campbell.

Fifth Estate office hours are officially from noon to 5 pm Monday through Saturday and some times at other odd hours before and after those times. If you are coming over, it is always best to call first to check if what you want or who you want is here.