Peoples’ Print Shop


Fifth Estate # 92, November 13-26, 1969

The movement in Detroit has a functioning print shop again.

Located two doors from the Fifth Estate office the shop can do leaflets, pamphlets, booklets, brochures, letterheads and small underground papers.

Originally begun by Joel Landy, who has split the city for Ann Arbor, the Revolutionary Printing Cooperative is a joint project of this newspaper, Black & Red magazine, the Printing Coop of Ann Arbor, and the Radical Education Project. Printers at this time include Mike Davis, Mike Gove, Fred Perlman and Dan Wilder.

Prices are based on the lowest possible rates for movement groups and individuals with slightly higher, but still cheap prices for commercial jobs.

In an eight-color printed brochure the printing coop explains its purposes as “providing typesetting and printing at reasonable rates, without censorship or pressure; to provide a means of subsistence for individuals who refuse to accept the bureaucratic organization of a capitalist enterprise; and to make available a small stock of means of production to a restless population’s growing needs for self-expression.”

However, the printing coop is not its own goal. Survival within capitalism is not its aim, but rather to contribute to the junking of the capitalist system.

The printing work is being coordinated through the Fifth Estate office and further information may be obtained by mail at 1107 W. Warren, Detroit 48201 or by phone at 831-6800.