Fifth Estate # 94, December 11-24, 1969

Winter Anti-War Offensive

The Winter Offensive against the war in Vietnam is beginning. The Fall Offensive culminated in 800,000 persons in Washington and people came back to Detroit with even a greater sense of the need to bring all the troops home now.

The December Moratorium will focus on organizing and support of anti-war GIs.

James Lafferty, chairman of the Detroit Anti-war Coalition said, “This will escalate the anti-war movement. The involvement of tens of thousands of GIs in anti-war activity and their support by anti-war activists will have an impact on the President and the American people that cannot be ignored.”

The Coalition is planning a “GI Support March and Rally” to be held Tuesday, Dec. 23rd. A candlelight march leaving from the foot of Woodward at 5:30 pm will walk through downtown Detroit and end at a rally which will be addressed by active duty GIs.

Also, as part of the Moratorium the Student Mobilization Committee is sponsoring an “Anti-war Basic Training Day” to be held at SMC regional headquarters, 5705 Woodward on Sat., Dec. 15, beginning at 10 am. The program will include raps by Vietnam vets, active duty GIs, films and training sessions for anti-war organizing.

Sharon Naimen, SMC staffer, explained that the “SMC has always had the orientation of trying to reach GIs because they are the natural allies of the civilian anti-war movement.”

The thrust of these actions is to help overcome the isolation and tremendous harassment of anti-war GIs by the brass. Naimen feels this is only the beginning. She told us that the anti-war movement will grow and draw in the support of labor and of third world people. “The more militant and massive the movement becomes the sooner the war will be over,” she said.

Both the Coalition and the SMC are also planning extensive leafleting on Dec. 12 and 13 at airports, plant gates, and shopping centers. Those interested in participating or wanting more information may call 873-4322.

Sinclair Can’t Testify

CHICAGO—Judge Julius Hoffman, inquisitor at the trial of Conspiracy 7, has ruled that imprisoned White Panther Minister of Information, John Sinclair can not be brought from Michigan to testify for the defense.

Attorneys for the seven accused of rioting at the Democratic Convention last year contend that Sinclair could testify as to the peaceful intent of the planners. Sinclair was then manager of the MC5 and came to Chicago as part of a planned rock festival in Lincoln Park. He could also have testified to the fact that the violence in the park was begun by the police.

Hoffman flatly denied the defense request.

Hoffman also refused the defense an adjournment of one day to mourn the death of slain Black Panther leader, Fred Hampton.

Viet Youth Say Thanks

HANOI (LNS)—Students in North Vietnam held a special rally last month in support of the American students who have demonstrated against the war in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese students also expressed their protest against the repression which has affected the anti-war movement in the U.S., Prensa Latina reported.

Peace Pig Oinks

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Sam Brown, chairman of the Vietnam Moratorium, finally exposed himself for the pig he is in a speech on Dec. 7.

Brown, in answering questions from newsmen, said he thought that demonstrators who cause violence at peace rallies should be arrested’ as law-breakers and “punished for their criminal activities.”

These sound more like the words of Spiro Agnew or Attorney General Mitchell than a so-called “peace-leader”. If Brown does not know it was the Washington police that started all of the violence in the capital he should have left his smoke-filled office and got out into the streets and dug what was happening.

We hope that local anti-war groups will disaffiliate themselves from such statements that can only serve the purposes of those who want the war to continue.