Red Star over Northland

Crossword puzzle


Fifth Estate # 96, January 8-21, 1970

Word Puzzle Clues

Once upon a time there was a large shopping center in a Land to the North, and a plastic store called (1 across). For many weeks long-haired freeks and greasers had hung around with nothing to do but laugh at (1 down) shoppers and hassle pigs.

Kind of a bogue life, but there didn’t seem to be much else to do.

Meanwhile, far South in Puerto Rico, daring revolutionaries, who hate (2 down), (3 up) gringo stores to nothing in one big bang. A small group of freeks in the North heard about this, and it seemed important because they wanted to (4 down) their honky store too.

The way revolutionaries were already fighting the world pig system meant that they didn’t have to wait for the masses of freeks and greasers to rise against the system. They could act as soon as they felt the power of the world revolution on their side!

A leaflet appeared that hinted (5 down) how people in the North too could understand revolutionary (5 up). The freeks engaged in (6 across) behavior one day every (7 down) at Northland knew it was getting together. A smoke bomb went off in pig Hudson’s store!

There were speeches and broken glass and Viet Cong flags. And a banner that said Avenge Chairman Fred Hampton. The world communist conspiracy to off rip-off stores, fascist pigs and money-hungry imperialist merchants (8 down) again!

A crossword puzzle in the shape of a five-pointed star. Clues and answers are accessible on the same page.


plastic store (1 across) Hudsons

nothing to do but laugh at (1 down) holiday

who hate (2 down) yankees

who hate (3 up) smashed

wanted to ((4 down) destroy

hinted (5 down) broadly

understand revolutionary (5 up) bombers

engaged in (6 across) riotous

every (7 down) shopper

merchants (8 down) strikes